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In the upland areas of the UK, such places as the Lake District , Pennines, the north-east and much of Scotland and Wales dry stone walling is the most common type of field boundary. Some in Cornwall date back to the iron age and as Britain moved away from feudalism many common land areas were enclosed. Wherever stone and labour was cheap you will find the drystone walls that offer a haven to wildlife and lichen - and animals sheltering from the weather. Dry stone walls are an integral part of our environmental history and they enhance our landscape with a sturdy rough beauty. The traditional skills of the dry stone waller are being kept alive in the UK and you too can learn how to build walls, arches and bridges. So if you want to know what a sheep creep or a lunkie is then join a course!

Bedfordshire - Next course on 10th August 2019
One-day dry stone walling course. A unique opportunity to take part in constructing a 2m high, Permanant Dry Stone Boundary wall, in the heart of the Bedfordshire countryside. Probably the tallest DSW structure in the region !! These workshops are a 'hands on' experience to the introduction or improvement for DIY and interested persons of all ages over 16yrs. You will assess the ground and setting out of building pins, batter frames and lines. You...
West Yorkshire
Beginners’ Dry Stone Walling Course - weekend in the Yorkshire Dales The courses run from approximately 9:00am to 4:00pm over Saturday and Sunday and run throughout the year. Please get in touch for dates. During a training course you will: - Learn the basic principles of dry stone walling - Contribute to the conservation of our valuable local dry stone walls - Enjoy working in the countryside in a structured but informal atmosphere - Be...
Lancashire - Next course on 17th August 2019
Two day dry stone walling course for beginners in Association with Dry Stone Walling Association of Great Britain This course runs several times a year, usually between March to October. MAY 4/5th Training Course, for Tameside MBC at Gorse Hall, Stalybridge. AUGUST 17/18th Training Course, Ridge Farm, Diggle. OCTOBER 5/6th Training Course, Well-i-Hole Farm, Greenfield. Group Bookings Taken ( call for rates) Please ring or email for a booking form All of our courses are...
Beginners’ dry stone walling All of our courses are suitable for beginners and improvers and are run by qualified DSWA instructors. We have courses planned throughout the year and can arrange more if there is the demand (a minimum of 6 trainees). Please get in touch for dates and details. It starts at about 9.30 on the Saturday and finishes at about 4.00pm on Sunday. Each course covers: - Health and safety - Use of...
London - Next course on 3rd August 2019
'Hands-on' practical participation in learning about DSW techniques including; Foundations, Cheek Ends, Tie Stones, Jumpers, Fingers, Shims, Through Stones, Lintels and Top Stones. (One over two, two over one !!) These one day workshops are a 'hands on' introduction or improvement for DIY and interested persons of all ages and abilities aged over 16yrs. You will build a DSW and learn the heritage and craft overview and geological terms of the different material, the engineering...
Gwynedd - Next course on 7th September 2019
Join a two day course to learn to build a clawdd wall. A clawdd wall is a stone faced earth bank. These walls are often built in areas where the stone is unsuitable or not plentiful enough for a dry stone wall. The stones are pitched (set vertically, similar to books on a shelf). The course will involve setting the stones into an existing earth bank. Please get in touch for more details and to...
Conwy - Next course on 14th September 2019
Learn to build a dry stone wall in North Wales with the Dry Stone Walling Association. This course runs over two days (Saturdays and Sundays). The date listed is the first day (Saturday). Content will involve dismantling a section of wall, digging out and laying the foundations and rebuilding the wall through to the coping (top stones). It is held in the beautiful landscape of the Sychannt Pass near Conwy. Please get in touch for...
Northumberland - Next course on 8th September 2019
Your chance to have a go at a traditional rural skill that has left a lasting legacy in the northern landscapes of Britain, with drystone waller Ben Lloyd. This course is held at the Sill National Landscape Discovery Centre in Hexham. Get in touch for bookings or more details.
Derbyshire - Next course on 12th October 2019
Would you, your friends or your family enjoy a fun and informal session building a real dry stone wall in a stunning countryside setting? Get out in the fresh air, be next to nature, and restore an important feature that defines the British landscape. Dry stone walling is a positive and relaxing experience which promotes mindfulness and boosts wellbeing in an inspirational, natural environment. Delivered by highly qualified craftsmen and instructors, these events span over...
Greater Manchester - Next course on 27th July 2019
Two day dry stone walling courses on Saddleworth Moor, plus locations throughout the North and close enough for people in the Midlands. This course is designed for people who are going to actually build or repair a wall on their own land or in their garden. If you are building or repairing your own wall, then you want to know that it will be 100% right. We teach to a very high standard for an...

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