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Weaving courses

Weaving courses, classes and workshops taught all across the UK. Learn know how to use a loom and know your warp from your weft. Weaving courses will teach you how to create cloth from individual woven threads, experimenting with wrappings, twill, looping, slits and tapestry inlay. You will come away with a beautiful sampler or unique woven scarf, plus the skills to carry on weaving! Courses available on the Rigid Heddle Loom, Table Loom, Peg Loom or Floor Loom, using freeform weaving techniques as well as traditional tapestry weaving. Browse below for your perfect weaving course.

Learn to weave on the latest folding rigid heddle looms from Ashford, then take it home for month to practice. Three balls of Ashford Tekapo Yarn are included – enough for one or two projects.
Oxfordshire - Next course on 29th June 2019
Loom weaving taster workshop with Hannah Thompson. Have fun with a variety of wool, fibres, threads, string and fabric. You will use a simple loom or frame to weave a textured piece during the workshop, you may use this in your home or perhaps it could be the start of something larger. We will cover the basics of weaving, warp and weft – and creating simple patterns too. I will also show you how to...
Wolverhampton - Next course on 28th June 2019
I will be hosting a bouquet wrap workshop at the Potsy Pamsy Paint A Pot in Wolverhampton from 11am - 2pm. On the day, I will demonstrate and teach you the main macrame knotting techniques, patterns and knotting tips. You will also go on to create your very own set patterned bouquet wrap which you will be welcome to take home with you. All materials for this project are included, except the bouquet flowers which...
Somerset - Next course on 1st June 2019
This is a great course for both weavers with some experience and complete novices. The day starts with the set up of the loom explained as well as the use of different yarns and patterns and the effect these have on the cloth. Each group member gets their own table loom to use that is already set up, it's up to you to then pick colours and patterns and create your own fabric. All fabric...
This is a great course for both weavers with some experience and complete novices. The day starts with the set up of the loom explained as well as the use of different yarns and patterns and the effect these have on the cloth. You can choose to use either a table loom in our workshop or our large floor loom in the shop upstairs. The looms are already set up so it's then up to...
Somerset - Next course on 23rd June 2019
Spend time in the woodland round the fire with other like minded people. Our beautiful woodland is within 20 minutes drive from Frome, Bath and short distance from Bradford on Avon. Engage in therapeutic, creative process of peg loom weaving. Make a small rug or wall hanging from carded and un-carded raw sheep fleece. Weaving like other forms of handwork has got a rhythmical and repetitive quality and so it can be compared to the...
Herefordshire - Next course on 13th July 2019
Join a 3 day natural dyeing, felting and weaving workshop in Hereford using home grown plants to make stunning dyes. Most of the plants students will use are grown at home in the garden. You will pick the leaves, roots and flowers and we will dye pre-mordanted fleece in my huge pots. You will be amazed by the colours! On the Sunday you will weave a pegloom mat or hanging with the fleece you have...
Have fun turning old t-shirts and forgotten favourites into recycled works of art with the age-old skill of rag rugging. In this full day class you will learn all the skills you will need to be able to make unique rag rugs, cushions and art to spice up your home. Careful though, it’s addictive! In this workshop, which is run at the wonderful craft venue, Make Create Craft in Surrey, you will have the chance...
CARAVANTURKEY CULTURAL CENTER - BODRUM, TURKEY Come and join us for a week to learn traditional way Turkish weaving and experience the real Turkish life of villagers! Gokpinar is an old, nomadic village with a population of 100. Located on the Aegean Coast of Turkey, we enjoy a location away from areas with heavy tourist traffic. We are only 10 minutes drive from a lovely beach. Our land sits at the edge of the village,...
West Sussex
Learn how to weave narrow bands with Sami style pickup designs on a Beaivi double hole rigid heddle loom. You will be provided with a pre-warped double hole weaving reed (Beaivi Loom) You will learn to understand and interpret the weaving drafts. You will gain practice on how to weave the band and how to pickup and drop the warp threads to create patterns. This workshop is designed for the beginner band weaver. A double...