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Hand spinning courses, classes and workshops taught all across the UK. Hand spinning is the method of turning fibres, such as wool, cotton and silk into yarn which can then be woven into fabric. Spinning has a very long history and features in many of our best loved fairy tales where all beautiful, young princesses spent most of their time at the spinning wheel. Fibres can be harvested regularly from the living animal. Well known wools include Angora, Merino and Mohair. Alpaca fleece is becoming more and more popular in the UK (having now been exported from its native South America to many corners of the globe) and is beautifully soft and silky. It's also hypoallergenic! There is also Pashmam which comes from the Tibetan goat of the Himalayan range and is used in the finest of pashminas. Spinning is still a popular skill and you too can learn from one of our expert spinners - come along and join a course or spinning workshop. Not at all like the arduous and sweaty activity that groups of people sometimes do on exercise bikes in gyms - this spinning is both more relaxed and creative (and possibly just as good for you)!

Highlands - Next course on 30th June 2018
Come and join for either our week-long Natural Dyeing and Hand-Spinning course or our 6 day shorter course. We are located in a beautiful part of the Scottish Highlands. Participants spend their first few days foraging for Highland dye plants and making botanical dyes in our woodland clearing. We make our dyes outdoors over fires the traditional way, dyeing our own and local Shetland fleece ready to spin. We have our own small flock of...
Powys - Next course on 30th June 2018
This ground breaking, nationally accredited unit in hand spinning to A Level standard takes nine months to complete. It will give you broad and deep knowledge and skills in this wonderful, heritage craft. Over the course of six inspirational days of teaching spread over six months you will learn the intricacies of hand spinning a wide range of fibres with Heritage Crafts Association award winning tutor Dunja Roberts. The final three months are the culmination...
Powys - Next course on 1st July 2018
'Next steps in hand spinning ...' - now that you have mastered the basics of spinning you will soon want to be able to produce a wider variety of yarns. On this one day course with Dunja Roberts you will discover new techniques for spinning yarns from fine to super-bulky using a wide variety of natural, luxury and manufactured fibres. Come for a day of inspirational teaching, encouragement and fun and discover just what a...
Powys - Next course on 2nd July 2018
'From fleece to fibre' - come and learn the craft of hand spinning with Dunja Roberts on our traditional hill farm in the Brecon Beacons National Park. On my one day workshop you will learn how to spin your own unique yarn using fleece from our pedigree Clun Forest and Zwartbles sheep. Come for a day of inspirational teaching, encouragement and fun to learn the basics of hand spinning. This course may be taken along...
Cumbria - Next course on 3rd July 2018
Learn the art of hand-spinning on a spinning wheel as well as a drop spindle Marion is a highly accomplished spinner, her courses are great fun and the whole room becomes full of lovely fluffy wools and laughter - the cats quite enjoy it too and can be found in a sleepy ball hiding somewhere amongst the lovely soft fleeces! During this lovely woolly day, Marion will teach you all about different types of sheep...
Cumbria - Next course on 7th July 2018
Fun packed week-end in the Lake District National Park learning the absorbing art of hand spinning. Start out in our fleece store to learn about fleece selection, purchase and preparation. Move on to carding on a drum carder and then start to spin on drop spindle. Having mastered drafting on the drop spindle progress to a wheel. Look at setting up a wheel and the principles of tension. Turn your prepared batts into spun singles....
South Yorkshire - Next course on 21st July 2018
A series of Saturday afternoon sessions to introduce you to the craft of creating yarns from raw fibres, beginning with various types of wool and progressing to plant and other animal fibres. We will start with the ancient craft of finger-spinning, work on different types of drop-spindle and then practice on a spinning wheel. You can also learn a little about the history and background of Textiles production. You will be able to work at...
Herefordshire - Next course on 21st July 2018
Join us for a day of wooliness and learn the basics of hand spinning (with a wheel and drop spindle), needle and wet felting, simple weavings and preparing wool for use. You will leave with some beautiful hand made items along with a love of wool. No experience is necessary.
Gwent - Next course on 28th July 2018
Learn how to plant dye yarn in this hands-on workshop. You’ll cover the first steps in dyeing your own yarn, using foraged plant materials and store cupboard ingredients. You’ll discuss the use of mordants to fix colours, scouring and the different colours that plants produce. There will be lots of hands-on experience with plant dyes, using natural materials like ferns, willow, onion skins and more to create a range of stunning natural colours. At the...
Cumbria - Next course on 2nd September 2018
Hands-on practical one-day spinning course in the Lake District National Park. Covers all aspects, including fibre selection and preparation. By the end of the day you will have working knowledge of the all the techniques necessary to go away and start spinning your own yarn. The course covers: • Fibre selection and preparation. Looking at all sorts of fleeces to find what's best for your needs • Carding and Blending fibres using a drum carder...