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Sewing machine courses

Sewing machine courses and workshops. All across the UK, sewing machines are gathering dust... want to learn how to use your sewing machine? Or perhaps just get to know it? Browse sewing machine courses across the UK and learn from sewing experts.

A week in the beautiful French countryside doodling on fabric and then painting it, what could be more fun? If you enjoy doodling on paper and like machine quilting you are going to love this course. We are going to stitch and paint two small pieces, one with Inktense and one with metallic fabric paint. These can then be kept as reference samples and made into a phone, glasses or needle case, a small book...
Have you ever wanted to try free-motion embroidery on your sewing machine but didn’t know where to start? I run workshops to help get you started using your machine for free-motion embroidery. During the day we will be learning the art of free-motion machine embroidery to create a fun and contemporary appliquéd panel. Ideas will be provided but you may work on any subject you like and you will end the day with a finished...
Oxfordshire - Next course on 9th February 2019
A stitch in line can be mighty fine! And for truly joyous and utterly charming examples of stitching then look no further than the artwork of Harriet Riddell (aka InStitchYou). Delightfully combining portraiture with the sewing machine, Harriet creates unique pieces of art that lovingly capture the essence and soul of their subject. Normally found stitching her way around the world on a peddle-powered sewing machine, we have persuaded her to come to the studio...
Online & Dorset
A 1 day course on how to use an industrial sewing machine. You will learn everything to give you confidence to tackle your project. We show you everything from setting your machine up, threading, tension, bobbins, common problems and how to put them right. A brilliant course for anyone who hasnt been on a machine before and a brilliant course if you have and just cant master the one you have.
Would you like to learn how to machine embroider or needle felt? Or just pick my brains on a project that you are working on? You can book up too 4 hrs with me in the studio for £45.00 per hour. General timings are 10am-2pm weekdays, during term times with weekends by arrangement. Do get in touch if you would like more information or to discuss an idea. Groups are also welcome.
Greater London
Wanted to sew but have absolutely no idea where to start? Well fear no more - we have the perfect solution! You can now extend your thread of knowledge with this sewing workshop for beginners. Join Craig and the rest of the Fashion Box team for this three-hour class offering an introduction to domestic sewing machines and overlockers. You're also welcome to bring your own machine or use the one provided! After getting to grips...
A brilliant introduction to using a sewing machines for complete beginners or those who want a refresher. We'll cover threading, winding your bobbin, setting tension, then there's the opportunity to make a tote bag or bunting. You'll get lots of tips and advice, and the confidence to start making lots more!
South Yorkshire - Next course on 17th September 2019
This course is 30 weeks long from September to June. Students attend a 3 hour class each week with breaks for the usual holiday periods. Course content is divided into 2 different projects where students learn the elements of design, both hand and machine embroidery and the application of that learning to produce a functional or decorative product. The tutors for this course are Sue Lancaster BA Hons Embroidery, PGCE (Art), FSDC, and Maria Newman...
Greater London - Next course on 30th March 2019
Many people would like to make clothes using stretch fabrics or overlock the clothes they make in a professional way, but find the idea of using a multi-thread machine too daunting. Conquer these challenges and many more areas of clothes making will become available to you. This course will help you get to grips with this challenging machinery and to overcome your fears. You will learn how to set up and use this type of...
Greater London - Next course on 2nd February 2019
Being able to use a sewing machine is a useful skill to have for so many things and can open the way to the world of clothes making and garment construction. Many people would like to make their own clothes or sew their own creative projects, but find the idea of using a sewing machine too daunting. This course will help you get to grips with this vital skill by teaching you how to use...