Sewing courses, craft kits and handcrafted gifts

Sewing courses, live classes, kits and online workshops from UK craftspeople. Sewing is the age old process of using needles and thread to create stitches and seams. Learn how to sew (or just how to use your sewing machine!) to create beautifully tailored made-to-measure garments and home furnishings. Fans of the Great British Sewing Bee are in the right place!
Embroidery workshop - Antiperfection edition
Next date: 15th Dec 2022
Sew Your Own Period Pants Includes Sewing Pattern and Sewing Kit
Sew and Make a Tote Bag POCKLINGTON
Next date: 25th Jan 2023
Sew and Make a Cushion POCKLINGTON (Fabric provided)
Next date: 11th Jan 2023


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