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Wax sculpture & carving courses

Learn to sculpt and carve with wax at workshops around the UK. Wax can be used as a sculptural medium in its own right or can be used for casting in metal or ceramics. Wax carving techniques can be used for creating jewellery.

Bristol - Next course on 16th June 2019
Bristol Bronze Club is back! This workshop involves three consecutive days where you will learn a basic introduction into lost wax bronze casting, using the ceramic shell casting technique. On the first day you will learn how to do waxwork for the lost wax process. The second day you will learn how to apply the ceramic shell. On the last day, it is the pour day. The day will begin with burning out the mold,...
South Gloucestershire - Next course on 29th June 2019
Do you know someone who would be a great jeweller in the making? Learn to design and make your own jewellery in my 2 Day Wax Carving Jewellery Workshop. Spend the first-day discussing ideas, learning different techniques used in carving wax and producing your very own carving which will be cast for you in silver before your second session. The second day will be spent cleaning, texturing and polishing your final silver piece/s. Soldering findings...
South Gloucestershire
Over the 5 hours you will learn: how to design a piece suitable for carving Carve one of your very own designs in wax clean and prepare your silver casting Solder any jewellery findings such as chains and bails Polish or texture your finished piece of jewellery Do you or do you know anyone who would be a great jeweller in the making? Learn to design and make your own jewellery in my 2 Evening...
London - Next course on 20th July 2019
Wax carving is a fantastic skill to learn if you'd like to make more adventurous pieces in metal. It lends itself well to organic or geometric designs. The process of wax carving jewellery starts with the wax piece being made. This is taken to a caster where a mould is made, melting the wax and pouring molten silver or gold in to make a solid silver version of your wax mould. Please note, this is...
Bristol Bronze Club is back! This workshop involves two consecutive Saturdays where you will learn a basic introduction into lost wax bronze casting, using the ceramic shell casting technique. On the first Saturday, you will do waxwork and learn to apply the ceramic shell. The second Saturday is the pour day where you will learn about pouring bronze artworks and get an introduction into metal finishing techniques. By the end of these two Saturdays, you...
British designer and maker Jo Gordon hosts creative ring making workshops at her Cotswold Studio at Upper Court, Kemerton. Having trained in traditional jewellery making techniques at the renowned Birmingham School of Jewellery and with a degree in Jewellery Design, Jo went on to create her own brand of handmade statement jewellery, FERA Jewellery, which is sold all over the world. She is also currently a jewellery designer for Beards Jewellers in Cheltenham and has...
London - Next course on 7th September 2019
This course is an introduction to working with wax as a sculpture material. Learn about working with soft and hard waxes, wax casting, making wax sculpture as a finished product or as a stage towards casting into metals or ceramic slip. Wax is a versatile modelling medium for making sculpture. During this course students will be encouraged to experiment with the different properties of wax, building architecturally and experimenting with different textures as well as...
Lothian - Next course on 23rd June 2019
Come to learn a new skills in a friendly jewellery studio. This workshop is suitable for people without any previous experience with jewellery but also for jewellers who would like to learn new technique. During this workshop you will learn how to make jewellery from special waxes. You will try various carving and sculpting techniques and make several models. One of your design will be then casted in Sterling Silver. Finalised (casted, cleaned and finished)...
This course gives you an insight into the endless possibilities of sculpting with wax to create bronze castings. Working with locally sourced natural beeswax, you will be introduced to a variety of techniques, used across the world for thousands of years. The tutor will guide you through making whatever you wish, including jewellery, trinkets, household décor, figurative sculpture, ornamental animals etc! Abigail Burt has travelled to Nepal and India to learn the traditional techniques of...

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