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Clay Sculpture courses

Clay sculpture courses, classes and workshops taught by independent ceramic artists all across the UK.

Sculpting Portrait. Whole course lasts for 32 hours and it's spread in to 8 classes, 4 hours each. We meet Sat and Sun at 10am-2pm (unless everyone prefers different dates & times). Only 3 students at a class, to insure best conditions and individual approach adjusted to each student's level of advance. Every week new model for the portrait. Contact me to book your place.
North Yorkshire
In this 3 day course, you will be taught how to sculpt the human head, using specific measurement systems, working from a live model. This course will teach you how to apply clay, firstly creating the skull, forming the facial muscles, then applying the skin structure. At the end of the course , you have an optional 'top-up' option to create a 2 part mould of your head. Taught by Nicola Stead, owner of the...
Come and spend the day creating your own unique sculpture using a self built armature along with Powertex Stone Art clay This is a fun class where you will be amazed at what you can create using foil, tape and clay. And don't worry, I take you through this step by step. Various design options are available, please see my website for further details You will leave with a completed sculpture which you can display...
This unit introduces you to three-dimensional art and helps develop your independence in working. It aims to develop your understanding of the techniques and skills of sculpture; introduce use of construction techniques involving a variety of media and tools; develop basic skills in drawing and the use of drawing to develop ideas; develop the ability to think in the round; and look at and learn from the work of other sculptors. You will also use...
This course builds on the level one sculpture course; the projects are more open-ended and invite you to be more ambitious in size and in composition, progressively calling on you to choose your projects and the way you go about them. It provides opportunities for you to gain experience with several new techniques and materials, to develop an increasing independence and self-reliance as a sculptor and to acquire a broader appreciation of new materials, and...
Greater London - Next course on 7th April 2019
A sculpture workshop for independent Morley sculpture students to develop & finish work from other sculpture classes. There will be no tutor but technician support for use of all workshop equipment. All workshop materials or kiln firing used in excess of their course work will be charged for in addition to the workshop fee. By the end of the course you will be able to Develop knowledge of materials and processes. Completion of individual projects...
London - Next course on 29th April 2019
Choose to work on a full figure, or portrait in terracotta, direct plaster or other processes. Who is this course for Accessible to all people regardless of age and ability and aimed particularly at those with an interest in working with the human form as a focus. What does this course cover We have two sittings with the model for 5 sessions per term. At the end and in the middle one session is used...
During the course, students will create a Figure sculpture from recycled textiles & Powertex art products, suitable for outdoor display once dry. Students will be able to chose a plaster head of their choice from a selection supplied by the tutor – European male/female, Masai or African. We will cover a number of techniques including simple armature making, material selection, textile sculpting (both dry wrapping & wet wrapping techniques) & mixing/dry brushing with pigments to...
Create a unique & beautiful sculpture for your home or garden on this 1 day workshop, using recycled materials & Powertex products. Workshops are run with an informal, relaxed feel in small groups to ensure you get the attention you need to achieve great results. Note: flexible dates may be available to suit your needs - please contact us to discuss your requirements Upon arrival we will spend a few minutes getting to know each...
Thinking of learning new skills and getting inspired in 2019? The beautiful swallows barn is the perfect location with it's rustic wooden beams and wood burning stove. Explore and develop your practical and creative skills in kiln fired sculpture. The 2 day course covers technical processes such as construction methods, proportioning, creating detailing and surface treatments. Enabling you to create and work on your own project. The class runs from 10am to 3pm 23rd and...