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Clay Sculpture courses

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Clay sculpture courses, classes and workshops taught by independent ceramic artists all across the UK.

Cambridgeshire - Next course on 21st September 2019
A series of monthly one day ceramics workshops to try your hand at a new skill or refine an existing one. Each workshop has it’s own theme and is a great introduction to clay or chance to concentrate on improving a particular technique. Themes are broad and have included things like texture, seascape, figurative and macro/micro. These themes inspire pieces from wall hangings to a traditional decorated vase forms, sculptural pieces to functional forms. This...
Greater London - Next course on 20th July 2019
A master class on the technique of sculptural painting from Creative Studio NC, the only certified representative of the Evgenia Ermilova school in the UK, will be held in London. ⠀ Under the guidance of an experienced master you will be able to draw your first picture, which will become a real decoration in your apartment👍 ⠀ Please contact me to enquire about our 20% discount for attending a master class. ⠀ Come to the...
London - Next course on 25th July 2019
On this two day course students will be introduced to basic techniques, materials and processes of ceramics for sculptors; how to develop a small sculpture from the first idea to completion, using techniques such as building- using clay slabs, sprig molding, application of texture, simple coloring with underglaze, use of stenciling. The suggested choice of material will be paper porcelain. Who is this course for The course is suitable for people of all levels of...
London - Next course on 2nd September 2019
This course is a hands on two-day intensive course on Silicone Mould Making, focusing on casting and mould making using silicone rubber moulds. Silicone is a versatile material that enables you to make highly detailed moulds that are flexible and can be used to make many casts. During the course you will identify various rubber mould making techniques including: Solid rubber moulds. Skin moulds with plaster jackets. Cavity moulds with plaster Jackets. You will identify...
Learn clay sculpture techniques on this full day, weekly class which offers the chance for students to pursue personal projects, setting their own pace and response to modeling in clay from life and imagination. Experimentation will be encouraged and supported with practical advice, enabling each participant to progress within their own comfort zone. A clothed life model will be available for over 50% of studio time for direct observational work – to work with the...
Pembrokeshire - Next course on 30th September 2019
‘The art of portraiture is about looking, through observation we record form and detail’. Learn to model a head in clay directly from life in Anthony’s purpose built studio workshop. These classes are designed for complete beginners and for anyone with some experience to further develop your observational skills. Working in clay from life - captures the likeness and character of the model. Tuition is as a group and individually, which will help you understand...
Kent - Next course on 18th October 2019
Portraiture in clay is a demanding but infinitely enjoyable and rewarding art. Both beginners and more experienced students will benefit from the structured, but individual approach taught on this three-day course – which aims to lay the foundations for both accuracy and expressive freedom in the longer term. We will be making a life-size portrait sculpture in clay working from a clothed model.
Travelling clay workshops for community groups from toddlers to residential care homes. The workshops are tailor made for ability and are suitable for visually impaired and those with dementia. The minimum booking is for 8 people and includes clay, and kiln firing, price starts at £9 per person. Bookings range from a one off project to regular monthly sessions. The workshops travel to all areas of Dorset from Bournemouth to Lyme Regis, I also can...
Leicestershire - Next course on 20th July 2019
Tree stump planter workshop! Choose to spend a day at Dallacre Farm set in the beautiful Northamptonshire countryside, creating a unique Tree stump planter for your garden using a fantastic non-firing clay, Pal Tiya Premium. Customise your planter however you like, it could be a fairy house or have a Green man face, the possibilities are endless! Weta workshop uses this product extensively to create large sculptures for private commissions and more. Ideal class for...
Essex - Next course on 31st August 2019
With Trevor’s experience and guidance you will work using modern, air drying clay which is impregnated with nylon fibre, giving a strong stable finish. You will explore the use of a simple armature (the internal support for your sculpture) and a range of techniques for building and finishing in clay. Finally you will learn about acrylic finishes that can be used to give a bronze finish. The full process will give you the skills of...

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