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Bronze casting & sculpture courses

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Bronze casting and sculpture courses, classes and workshops taught by independent artisans all across the UK.

Bristol - Next course on 24th August 2019
Bristol Bronze Club is back! This workshop involves three consecutive days where you will learn a basic introduction into lost wax bronze casting, using the ceramic shell casting technique. On the first day you will learn how to do waxwork for the lost wax process. The second day you will learn how to apply the ceramic shell. On the last day, it is the pour day. The day will begin with burning out the mold,...
Carmarthenshire - Next course on 28th September 2019
An excellent opportunity to learn the lost wax method of bronze casting during this two day course led by experienced teacher Mark Halliday RCA. All the materials and equipment you need will be provided to enable you to make a small sculpture or object and to cast this in bronze. You will learn: - about different types of bronze casting techniques - how to manipulate modelling wax and how to use other waxes in the...
Mould Making for Sculptors: This is a comprehensive and intensive 4-day course, packed with valuable information for all artists. Bring your own sculpture (made in any material e.g. clay, wax, paper mâché) or an object with a maximum dimension of about 30cm (larger objects may be possible but may have a larger materials fee - contact Olivia for details). Receive full technical instruction and supervision by an expert foundry man to create a re-usable mould...
Bronze Smelting and Casting Introduction to metallurgy: Looking at the evidence for the first use of metals. It reviews the archaeological evidence and considers the problems for those wishing to reconstruct the processes. Pulling swords from Stones: The smelting of minerals: Working in groups of 2-3 this session provides you with the opportunity to transform minerals in to metal. You will reconstruct some of the earliest processes used by humans to win metal from the...
London - Next course on 13th September 2019
This six day course will take place over two weekends in June, in which the participants will be shown how to make a bronze sculpture from the initial wax-process to the final bronze sculpture, which will culminate in the bronze pour. For this special opportunity, there will be space for 14 participants, to actively participate in the pour. The event will take place over six days and you will learn the process of bronze casting...
Create your own Bronze Sculpture Day 1 and 2: working with wax to create your sculpture for casting. Wax working techniques and help with design and development of ideas. You will also have additional time to work on your piece at home or here at Make Studios by arrangement. Days 3 and 4: preparation and pouring, including spruing and mould making. Day 5: Burning out moulds and pouring. Day 6: Finishing and patination. Who is...
Jim Racine's Renaissance bronze casting course runs over 4 to 5 days, and costs £120 per day plus materials (at cost price). Held at an established artist foundry in Suffolk. One-to-one tuition or couple discount (£160 per day) take away your own first class bronze sculpture or design any scale up to head sized. The Butley mills studios casting course is designed to give an in depth and very practical understanding of the classic renaissance...
This course gives you an insight into the endless possibilities of sculpting with wax to create bronze castings. Working with locally sourced natural beeswax, you will be introduced to a variety of techniques, used across the world for thousands of years. The tutor will guide you through making whatever you wish, including jewellery, trinkets, household décor, figurative sculpture, ornamental animals etc! Abigail Burt has travelled to Nepal and India to learn the traditional techniques of...

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