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Bronze casting and sculpture courses, classes and workshops taught by independent artisans all across the UK.

Carmarthenshire - Next course on 25th August 2018
An excellent opportunity to learn the lost wax method of bronze casting during this 2 day course led by experienced teacher Mark Halliday RCA. All the materials and equipment you need will be provided to enable you to make a small sculpture or object and to cast this in bronze. You will learn: - about different types of bronze casting techniques - how to manipulate modelling wax and how to use other waxes in the...
Yorkshire - Next course on 10th November 2018
Bronze Smelting and Casting Introduction to metallurgy: Looking at the evidence for the first use of metals. It reviews the archaeological evidence and considers the problems for those wishing to reconstruct the processes. Pulling swords from Stones: The smelting of minerals: Working in groups of 2-3 this session provides you with the opportunity to transform minerals in to metal. You will reconstruct some of the earliest processes used by humans to win metal from the...
Designed with sculptors and makers in mind, this two day course teaches the skill of making a silicone rubber mould from any object of your choice, whatever the shape. Those attending will learn how to make a high quality silicone faced piece mould with a supporting polymer gypsum strengthened plaster jacket, which will be suitable for the production of casts in: polyurethane resin, wax, plaster, epoxy resin, acrylic resin, cement, polymer clays, etc. Attendees will...
Cumbria - Next course on 17th November 2018
New course for 2018 Have a go at this age old technique of Pewtersmithing and create your own unique designs in a cuttlefish cast. Ella is an award winning Pewtersmith & will guide you through the process of carving your ideas into the cuttlefish before pouring molten pewter into the mould and finishing your design using metalwork tools. This time served technique using this unusual material produces fantastic tactile results and is a great way...
Nottinghamshire - Next course on 13th October 2018
Fantasy model making course run over two consecutive Saturdays. Nottingham has an excellent reputation in the war game and fantasy model making industries, and at NTU we are pleased to announce a repeat of this unique two-day course for enthusiasts who wish to immerse themselves in this world. Led by Alex Huntley of Warploque Miniatures, one of the UK’s most exciting model-making companies, the course will teach you the skills to make dynamic figures that...
Create your own Bronze Sculpture Day 1 and 2: working with wax to create your sculpture for casting. Wax working techniques and help with design and development of ideas. You will also have additional time to work on your piece at home or here at Make Studios by arrangement. Days 3 and 4: preparation and pouring, including spruing and mould making. Day 5: Burning out moulds and pouring. Day 6: Finishing and patination. Who is...
Suffolk - Next course on 28th July 2018
Butley Mills Studios Renaissance bronze casting courses 2017/18. 5 days, £580. an established artist foundry offers this new specialised but accessible course. Autumn half term: 21-22 cook moulds friday pour 27 finish 28-29 Oct Easter: March 31- April 1st cook moulds friday pour 6, finish 7-8 April. Summer: July 28/29 then Aug 3/4/5 Butley mills studios casting courses are designed to give an in depth and very practical understanding of the classic renaissance process, it...
Edinburgh City - Next course on 1st August 2018
This course runs on Wednesday Evenings, 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd of August 2018 from 6 - 9pm Alan Herriot is an accomplished draughtsman and realist sculptor he makes monumental figurative sculptures in bronze for civic monuments. He has work sited throughout the U.K. including Princes Street Gardens in Edinburgh and Aberdeen Marischal College. This course will have an open format so you can suggest the subject matter and realise a project that you’ve always...
This unit introduces you to three-dimensional art and helps develop your independence in working. It aims to develop your understanding of the techniques and skills of sculpture; introduce use of construction techniques involving a variety of media and tools; develop basic skills in drawing and the use of drawing to develop ideas; develop the ability to think in the round; and look at and learn from the work of other sculptors. You will also use...
This course builds on the level one sculpture course; the projects are more open-ended and invite you to be more ambitious in size and in composition, progressively calling on you to choose your projects and the way you go about them. It provides opportunities for you to gain experience with several new techniques and materials, to develop an increasing independence and self-reliance as a sculptor and to acquire a broader appreciation of new materials, and...