Orchard management & pruning courses

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Orchard management and pruning courses and workshops across the UK. Learn how to create and maintain fruit orchards; when to plant, prune and how to take care of your trees and plants to get maximum yield or crop.

Leicestershire - Next course on 21st March 2018
An afternoon with Technical Manager and Senior Rosarian at David Austin Roses. With over 30 years experience of rose growing and lifetime of general gardening Michael Marriot is an authority on all matters relating to roses around the world, especially David Austin’s English Roses, including variety choice, all aspect of rose growing and rose garden design.
Shropshire - Next course on 6th October 2018
Orchard Restoration at Acton Scott Historic Working Farm. The course is aimed at gardeners and smallholders, and will cover siting an orchard, choosing suitable species and varieties to plant, and how to look after them. You will be shown how to plant a tree and protect it from animals and strimmers, and learn how to prune your tree to make it a pleasant shape and fruitful. You will find out about the pests and diseases...