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Coppicing courses and workshops across the UK. The traditional woodland management skill of coppicing involves cutting trees back so that new shoots grow from the stump. Coppicing has been done since pre-history and the poles produced are often used in hurdle making, thatching and charcoal making. Coppicing can be practiced on hazel, ash, oak, chestnut, hornbeam, willow, and beech trees and woodlands. Learn how to coppice your trees to harvest young shoots, suckers or larger poles, as well as boost wildlife and vegetation by increasing light.

Cornwall - Next course on 24th March 2018
This is a hands on practical course on woodland management. We will look at restoring a neglected and over stood coppice woodland. The courses include preparation of the work area, tool use and care, coppice restoration, working methods, material selection, storage. We will be discussing - Developing a coppice rotation Felling and processing Understanding stool density layering and planting Pest control Coppicing for economic and wildlife benefit This one day coppicing course is an introduction...
Wiltshire - Next course on 9th June 2018
This course will be run at our site near Warminster. One Day Course 10am to 4pm Maximum course size 6 candidates Make your own traditional wooden rake to take home. This course is a great opportunity to learn new skills in a beautiful Woodland setting Discover how to cleave the wood with a froe and shape with a drawknife and shave horse. Have a go at making rake tines using the tine cutter.
Introduction to Woodland Coppicing - 9:30am – 4:00pm Aims This one day coppicing course is designed to introduce students to the specific skills and techniques covering basic theory, providing hands-on practical experience and a tree identification session. The course begins with an introduction and basic health and safety followed by a walk through the woods looking at various compartments that have been coppiced over the years and the benefits of coppicing and the types of...
One Day Charcoal Making Course 10am to 3pm Join us in our wood near Warminster and learn about the ancient rural craft of charcoal making. The course will cover the following: Saw and Split Wood Unloading and loading the charcoal kiln Light the charcoal kiln Cap off the kiln Control the burn Shut the kiln down Take home a bag of charcoal Course Fee £55 per person
Cumbria - Next course on 21st April 2018
Spend a day looking at coppice management and it's benefits for wildlife and sustainable management. The afternoon will be spent having a practical session on green wood work using traditional tools and devices. Brown Robin nature reserve is owned and managed by Cumbria Wildlife trust and has a well established coppice woodland with spectacular wildlife and views, including the rare Hawfinch.
Intro to woodland hand felling Learn how to fell small trees by hand and how to process them ready for use as firewood, craft material and brash. We will use traditional woodland tools such as a bowsaw, axe, felling lever and rope to fell the trees and a billhook, pruning saw and loppers to process the wood. Trees need to be felled to keep the woodland in a healthy state and to allow other trees...