Quilting and patchwork courses, craft kits and handcrafted gifts

Make beautifully quilted patchwork bedspreads, blankets, quilts, coverlets, cushion covers and more with our varied selection of courses, workshops and retreats. Learn or improve your quilting and patchwork techniques and let your creativity flow!
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Improv Patchwork Bag Workshop
Next date: Jan 13th
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Pattern - Roses for Ralphie
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Free Motion Quilting for the Terrified!
Next date: Feb 10th
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Oh Christmas Tree! luxury quilted cushion kit
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"Night of a Thousand Stars" Quilt
Next date: Jan 20th
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Scrappy Quilt Workshop
Next date: Nov 16th
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Landscape Quilting
Next date: Jan 25th
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Traditional Hand Quilting
Next date: Oct 4th
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Bookcase Quilt Course
Next date: Oct 12th
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Indigo Stars Quilting Day
Next date: Nov 8th
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Puzzled Stars Quilting Day
Next date: Nov 11th
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Stitch & Sew: Holiday, Weekend & Party Craft Sessions (Age 8-16 years)
Next date: Oct 1st
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Workshop Eastern look crazy patchwork morning
Next date: Oct 6th
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Quilters' digital design without quilt software
One to One Patchwork and Quilting Tuition In Your Own Home
Next date: Sep 27th
Patchwork and Quilting For Beginners
Sew Quilted Fabric Baskets Online Class
Quilted Fabric Basket Kit-Square Basket-to accompany Sew Fabric Baskets Class
Quilted Fabric Basket Kit-Large Basket-to accompany Sew Fabric Baskets Class
Quilted Fabric Basket Kit-Small Basket-to accompany Sew Fabric Baskets Class
Create an Appliquéd Flower Block
Kit to Accompany the Online Class-Appliquéd Flower Block
Kit to accompany the online class- Sew a Simplex Star Pot Holder
Sew a Friendship Star Cushion
Potato Chip My Way!


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