Print and printmaking courses, craft kits and handcrafted gifts

Printing courses cover learning the skills and techniques of silk screen printing, lino printing, cynanotype printing, print making with glass and textiles as well as on card and paper. Create your own designs with professional print and design teachers across the UK!
Introduction to Linocut
Next date: 30th Sep 2023
4 places left
Festive Print Making with Zara Emily Shepherd
Next date: 12th Nov 2023
I Know, lino printing course & kit
93 items left
Christmas Beginners Screen Printing Workshop
Next date: 3rd Dec 2023
2 places left
Coastal Mini Lino Print Workshop at Paddy Freeman's Pavilion
Next date: 14th Oct 2023
Introduction to natural dying
Next date: 8th Oct 2023
8 places left
Full Day Eco Printing on Silk and Paper
Next date: 20th Jul 2024
8 places left
Linocut Christmas Cards: Afternoon Workshop
Next date: 2nd Dec 2023
Introduction to linocut printmaking: afternoon workshop
Lino Print Posters, Tea Towels & Totes Hen Party Group Workshop (minimum 8 people)
Next date: 27th Sep 2023
Art and design classes - tuition for all ages
Next date: 27th Sep 2023
Plein Air Printmaking with a mobile studio
Next date: 27th Sep 2023
Printmaking by the sea
Next date: 27th Sep 2023
Taster session - printmaking by the sea
Next date: 27th Sep 2023
Children's outdoor printmaking workshop
Next date: 27th Sep 2023
Step by step online tuition - printmaking en plein air
Next date: 27th Sep 2023
Natural dyeing workshop with Folkestone Harbour Yarn
Next date: 27th Sep 2023
4 places left
Gel Plate Printing - Patterned Portrait Stunners
Next date: 6th Oct 2023
6 places left


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