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Papier mâché courses, workshops and classes across the UK. Mask-making, figures and animals, jewellery... these courses teach the skills, techniques, recipes and materials required for beautiful papier mâché creations.

Love putting different colours and textures together? Create a collection of handmade fresco-inspired beads from which to make and take home a unique necklace, perhaps a bracelet too. This workshop will seek to recreate that ancient long lost treasure effect which is so appealing. Bring old egg boxes, a sieve and medium sized saucepan, plus any beads you might like to include. The process is straightforward and easy to recreate in your own kitchen. Suitable...
Crafty Weddings, parties, christening whatever the occasion we can help you craft and create decorations for your special day. Courses work on a one to one basis or more. Friends can help you craft the wedding of your dreams, or organize a special party on a budget. Whatever the occasion we can help you craft your event. Card Making Learn to make cards with simple materials and enjoy our wonderful session of card making Home...
Have fun on these creative days. These workshops offer you the chance to enjoy working in various materials to create your unique work of art. Tools and materials will be available for your us. APRIL Papier Mâché figures and animals MAY Willow sculptures JUNE Caricatures and figures in Air dryed clay JULY Mosaic plaques and more AUGUST Willow sculptures