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Paper making & papier mâché courses

10 paper making & papier mâché workshops found

Learn to make your own paper at courses, workshops and classes across the UK. Find papier mâché workshops for mask-making, figures and animals, jewellery... these courses teach the skills, techniques, recipes and materials required for beautiful paper creations.

Warwickshire - Next course on 12th October 2019
Source your beads from a sustainable source.Come join a one day bead-making workshop in a Warwickshire village, and go home with a unique necklace made from papier maché beads, perhaps earrings too. Small groups, also Ideal for birthdays and reunions. Get in touch to book for a group of four, or for more details. Love putting different colours and textures together? Create a collection of handmade fresco-inspired beads and experience the magic of threading them...
West Sussex - Next course on 27th July 2019
Give your old bills, junk mail and other unwanted papers a new lease of life, and turn them into brand new, beautiful papers to use in other craft projects, or just to show off as works of art! This class will show you the basics to get started with papermaking at home using traditional western techniques. You'll make your own mould and deckle (which you can take home to use again), and make approximately 3...
Crafty Weddings, parties, christening whatever the occasion we can help you craft and create decorations for your special day. Courses work on a one to one basis or more. Friends can help you craft the wedding of your dreams, or organize a special party on a budget. Whatever the occasion we can help you craft your event. Card Making Learn to make cards with simple materials and enjoy our wonderful session of card making Home...
Papercutting is a subtractive drawing process, using a knife to create negative space, allowing the remaining paper to appear as dynamic lines and shapes. The process of paper cutting is deeply therapeutic and relaxing. Removing shapes to reveal a design takes you into an almost meditative state that sharpens focus and calms the mind. This workshop is designed for you to take some time for your self, to create a beautiful piece of art that...
Devon Guild craft centre - Terrace Cafe. 7pm. £32.50 Bring friends, family and colleagues for a creative evening by the fire, making and eating. And learn how to roll your own sushi with Taja! Kat from The Paper Florist, a local origami artist, will share her collection of paper, florist ribbons and rustic materials to show you how to make delicate paper stars, simple garlands or spring stemmed flowers. All materials included and you will...
Turn basic ingredients into the most original and beautiful papers and explore the endless possibilities of this craft.
Learn how to make paper from wild or garden plants by doing it in the beautiful surroundings of the National Botanic Garden of Wales. You will cut up plants, cook, make pulp and make sheets of paper in a day. Full instruction sheet provided, along with guidance for your own projects. Take home the paper you have made and use it in your art and crafts or just frame it! No previous experience needed. Make...
Cumbria - Next course on 5th October 2019
Mexican Day of the Dead festivities unfold over two days in an explosion of colour and life-affirming joy at the beginning of November. Join the celebrations and create your own exotic shrine using papier-mâché modelling techniques, paint and collage. In towns and cities throughout Mexico, revellers parade in exotic costumes, create colourful papier mache figures and shrines and make offerings to lost loved ones. These exuberant celebrations have been embraced across the world. Join us...
Port Talbot - Next course on 30th August 2019
Casting from nature in Papier Mâché and Carton-Pierre. The aim of the course will be divided into three arts; making casts of found and sculpted objects, casting in Papier Mâché and Carton-Pierre and decorating the assembled work. The aim is to use low cost materials found in the supermarket and do-it-yourself store to produce decorative resilient sculptures and objet d'art. David Johnson is a graduate of Goldsmiths College with many years’ experience of tutoring courses...
Greater London
WORKSHOP FOR THE CREATION OF A TYPICAL VENETIAN PAPIER-MÂCHÉ MASK Two workshops of 2 hours each Participants will: Learn important historical information on the use of masks in Venice during past centuries. Understand the ancient technique of making a Venetian papier-mâché mask Create a personalised papier-mâché mask that he/she will decorate and take home Participants: Adults. No special skills are needed for this workshop. All abilities are welcome. Materials: Papier-mâché Glue Paintbrushes Acrylic tempera Metallic...

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