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Paper cutting courses

Learn the art of papercutting at paper-cutting workshops around the UK. Stunning designs can be cut from a single paper sheet to extraordinary effect, ideal for artwork, card making, lanterns, shop fronts... the possibilities are endless!

Learn the Art of Paper Flowers with Jules from Jolly Blossom. Jules will teach you how to create beautifully realistic crepe paper peonies that you can display at home or use as a lovely gift for someone special. The workshop will begin with a brief overview of the materials you will need for future reference, before moving on to looking at templates and the different techniques for cutting and shaping petals. You will also learn...
Cumbria - Next course on 12th April 2019
Discover the magical world of paper cutting; be introduced to Victorian fretwork, Haitian metal work and intricate Polish paper cuts. You'll get to grips with designing for cutting using both typographic and pictorial elements. You'll master both design technique as well as using a scalpel safely and pick up a wealth of handy hints for successful papercutting. Great fun and rather addictive! Holiday highlights Create your own unique papercut designs Our professional craft leader will...
East Sussex - Next course on 16th March 2019
Bored of tapping away on your phone every day? Why not come and learn a new hands on craft skill? Paper cutting is a great way to switch off, relax and meet new friends... and walk away with a special and unique creation of your own (or to give to someone you love). This workshop is ideal for beginners / intermediate, who are interested in learning how to do 3D paper modelling (known as Kirigami)....
Greater London - Next course on 10th March 2019
Own your art surface! The first week we process plant fibres in to unique papers, ready to dry for the following session where we transform papers in to beautiful Japanese bound sketchbooks and experiment with folded bookforms. So satisfying. By the end of the course you will be able to Prepare plant fibres for papermaking. Form consistent sheets on a mould and deckle. Add texture and decoration to your sheets. Bind a sketchbook using Japanese...
Suffolk - Next course on 22nd February 2019
Parchment craft is the art of embossing and perforating parchment to create beautiful greeting cards. This course is designed for complete beginners or for those with some experience in parchment craft. You will learn all the basic techniques needed to produce a card (or cards depending on how quickly you work) You do not need any artistic ability, the cards are created from easy to follow patterns that give you the opportunity to embellish and...
Greater London - Next course on 14th March 2019
There are many fascinating pop-up books out there with things that move, slide and rotate – in this workshop, you can learn how to make your own! You can either use your own drawings or photocopies or magazine cutouts, or you can work with different colour papers, or try even just white paper – it looks very subtle but you can create beautiful light and shadow effects. You will learn how to use tools like...
Spend a few hours with paper artist Lisa Jay making romantic papercuts, perfect for Valentine's Day, weddings and anniversaries! In this three hour class, you’ll create and take home your own lovely hand cut paper art and the knowledge that will allow you to continue papercutting with confidence. Lisa will cover all the basics and be on hand throughout to assist and answer questions. What You'll Learn Discover tools and papers and learn how to...