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Outdoors and rural skills courses

Shropshire - Next course on 5th October 2019
This course investigates the structure and mechanisms of trees and how they interact within the woodland environment. The course and information is delivered in a format that is accessible to a wide audience with plenty of visual and practical examples to support the theory. You will learn: - The benefits and importance of trees - Tree seed structure and germination - Tree growth, development and structure, how trees function - Flower structure, roots and leaves...
East Sussex - Next course on 19th July 2019
A highly enjoyable, practical, hands-on day experiencing the joys of turning greenwood using a pole-lathe. Pole-lathe technology has been used for millennia to turn all sorts of things, from stone beads to wooden bowls, children's toys to chair legs - a craft that was still alive as a profession only 50 or 60 years ago until it was made obsolete by modern power tools. Course Programme: One Day, 9.30am - 4.30pm Suitable for complete beginners...
Yorkshire - Next course on 14th November 2019
Intro to woodland hand felling Learn how to fell small trees by hand and how to process them ready for use as firewood, craft material and brash. We will use traditional woodland tools such as a bowsaw, axe, felling lever and rope to fell the trees and a billhook, pruning saw and loppers to process the wood. Trees need to be felled to keep the woodland in a healthy state and to allow other trees...
Gloucestershire - Next course on 11th October 2019
Great opportunity for new woodland owners and managers to learn the broad concepts of woodland history and how it has influenced the shape of today’s landscape. Participants will learn how to read ‘the landscape’, to identify features within woodlands to interpret former use and activities. A wide range of topics will be covered to explain existing features, hidden gems and the type and management of woodlands we see today. The day will be spent at...
This 2 Day Survival training course will provide you with an introduction to and good grounding in all the principles and skills necessary to survive in the wilderness. Wild Survivors' vast expertise and experiences throughout the world will develop skills you didn't even know you had, from basic fire lighting (which is not as easy as it sounds) to getting rescued, this Wild Survivors Course is designed for beginners who wish to learn from scratch,...

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