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Scything courses

Scything courses and workshops across the UK. Learn to scythe and master this traditional rural skill, which uses a large curved knife on a pole or 'staithe' to hand mow grass or reap crops. The scythe was traditionally used for cutting hay and initially replaced the sickle, a similar but smaller hand tool, by being ergonomically more advanced and comfortable. Scything involves a left swinging motion or stroke to create a 'swathe' of cut grass. Good exercise!

surrey - Next course on 29th August 2019
The art of scything dates back hundreds of years and is still a very valid form of land management used today. This course will discuss the reasons why we scythe and the best places that it can be done. Mark Allery has taught these specialist skills for years and enjoys getting people started. He covers safety, tool maintenance and of course, the practical technique of scything. Mark has all the tools needed to teach on...
Oxfordshire - Next course on 20th July 2019
Join scything expert Clive Leeke for this one day practical scything course on the Earth Trust Farm. Scything is a great environmentally friendly alternative to power tools and can be used to mow hay meadows, clear nettles or brambles and reedbeds. On this course you will learn how to work with and maintain an Austrian Scythe. This hands-on one day course is perfect for anyone new to scything or those who wish to gain more...

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