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Hurdle making courses and workshops across the UK. Learn how to use riven ash and hazel, along with other native timbers, to create hurdles, which are traditional woven fences and gates, and achieve that beautiful rustic look.

This course will teach you the traditional art of hurdle-making using riven Ash, harvested direct from Court Wood, in the grounds of the historic and beautiful Llanvihangel Court. Court wood is an 11 acre ancient woodland in the shadow of the magical Skirrid Mountain, managed entirely by the volunteers of the Crucorney Environmental Group. Your tutor for the day will be Mick Petts, a woodland sculptor and architect with over 40 years experience, who combines...
Hazel Hurdle Making - a one day fence making course Hurdles are traditional fence panels that have been used for a variety of different functions over the years, from animal enclosures to walls of houses. This course will give you a chance to learn with Alistair Hayhurst who is a master of this craft. Based in Wirksworth, Derbyshire Alistair sources his materials from sustainably managed woodlands, coppicing and harvesting the materials he uses during the...
Use the green woodworking skills of riving (controlled splitting), hewing (shaping with an axe), shaving (with a drawknife) and greenwood joinery to make the parts of a modified Suffolk gate hurdle and fit them together. Once used for making temporary enclosures for sheep, these traditional hurdles have now been slimmed down and simplified, morphing into attractive trellises, plant supports and instant fences for the modern garden. Your tutor is master bodger Will Wall. He has...
Shropshire - Next course on 3rd August 2019
Make a Chestnut Gate Hurdle at Acton Scott Historic Working Farm. Spend a satisfying day developing your woodworking skills crafting a rustic garden gate from sweet chestnut. First you will cleft and peel the wood, then shave the rails and staves with a draw knife. Then you will mortise the staves by hand and carve tenons, before fitting it all together, clenching over the nails in the traditional way. The finished hurdle will be approximately...
East Sussex - Next course on 6th September 2019
A practical, hands-on day of learning some fundamental skills of greenwood working and coppice crafts to make your own sweet chestnut gate hurdle. This will include cleaving, shaving, axing and cutting out mortises. All participants will go home with a traditional gate hurdle approximately 3ft x 2ft (so fits in your car!) Course Programme: One Day, 9.30am - 4.30pm 1. Introduction: A brief introduction to gate hurdles and their uses and a look at the...

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