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Punch needle courses

Needle punch or punch needle embroidery is a craft technique that uses a pen like tool or "punch needle" to create embroidered patterns and images with wool, ribbon or yarn. Find punch needle workshops and tutors around the UK.

Middlesex - Next course on 26th June 2019
If you love working with yarn and creating your own designs then why not have a go at needle punch? It’s the latest way to make softly textured cushions, wall hangings and rugs. In our two and a half hour small group workshop, we’ll teach you all you need to know about this great technique. It’s quick to learn and the designs and applications are limited only by your imagination. We’ll provide all the materials...
Needle punching or punch needling is a craft that is seeing a welcome resurgence. This course is a fantastic introduction to a wonderful way of creating a textured piece of work. Similar to embroidery but much quicker, the stitches are created using a hand-held tool to create small loops that can form a riot of colour. This class will give you the chance to learn the art of needle punching and take away with you...
Somerset - Next course on 20th July 2019
Are you looking forward to those cosy, long nights so you can get crafty? But not interested in fiddling around with dropped stitches in knitting?! Why not come and learn the technique of punch needle embroidery! Needle punching or punch needling, is a craft which involves using a hollow needle to push wool through fabric forming a series of loops. The density of the loops keeps the wool in place meaning there is no need...

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