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Find cross stitch workshops, classes and courses across the UK and learn cross stitch from skilled tutors. Cross stitch techniques can be used in embroidery, card-making, dress making and to embellish a wide range of objects. Some creators also use their cross stitch designs to carry a wider political and cultural message.

Tayside - Next course on 17th August 2019
Eco! Make do ‘n’ mend workshop Decorative darning: with Marilyn Rattray In this throwaway society there is a growing movement encouraging the age old ethos of ‘Make Do and Mend’ or more recently ‘Repair Don’t Replace’. Marilyn has been mending and repairing garments for many years. In this workshop students will bring along an item in need of repair and after discussion and consideration of the samples provided the garment will be given new life!...
- Next course on 29th September 2019
Join Jane Greenoff for a cross stitch retreat on the picturesque island of Madeira. Spend the week at the 4-star Baia Azul with breakfast and dinner included each day. Enjoy 3 full day and 1 half-day workshops with Jane and then explore the island on two included excursions, one of which features a visit to the renown local embroidery museum and factory.
Nottinghamshire - Next course on 17th August 2019
Our mini cross stitch bee workshop is absolutely perfect for complete beginners. In this class we will go over the very basics of cross stitching, including how to split embroidery floss, read a counted pattern and then stitch our way through a simple design. Cross stitch is worked on a ‘even weave’ which means the fabric is woven to make sure that there are the same number of threads per inch in both the warp...
Hampshire - Next course on 10th October 2019
Join Elizabeth to create a miniature teddy bear over a 6 week course. Create a small character bear using hand stitch. Learn new techniques in these relaxing sessions.
Greater London
This two hour class isn’t just about learning to embroider - it’s so much more! We’ll discuss specific ways craft can be used as therapy and how embroidery in particular can help relieve anxiety and depression, as well as promote mindfulness. Did you know that if practised regularly, slow crafting can even help rewire your brain? The workshop will begin with a guided meditation to help us set an intention for how we want to...

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