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Dowsing courses

Despite all mod cons available to us, this ancient form of search and locate is still used by many. Come and learn how and why so many builders, surveyors and Water Board employees reach first for the divining rods when locating leaking pipes or underground drains! Yes, it's hard to fathom and defies all laws of common sense and logic - yet for most it works! Something is happening and still we're unable to understand...
Online & Wiltshire
The Uk's most comprehensive home study dowsing course. Learn to dowse with Maria Wheatley, the UK's foremost dowser. Maria is a second-generation dowser taught by her late father, European Master Dowsers and Chinese Geomants. Maria is the founder of Esoteric College, which is fully affiliated to the Association of British Correspondence Colleges ABCC. All courses are certificated. You will be taught how to hold and use dowsing rods and a pendulum and the key skills...