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Resin jewellery & art courses

Resin art, sculpture and jewellery making courses, workshops and classes across the UK. Learn about how to shape, mould, cure and colour resin with delicious results!

Gloucestershire - Next course on 24th March 2019
Join us for this interactive half day masterclass using the creative and stylish medium of Sculpt & Cast Also known as Jesmonite, Sculpt & Cast is a versatile, tactile material which is gaining popularity in interior design and especially through the style of Terrazo. Created by combining plaster with acrylic, exciting results are formed by introducing natural materials such as glass, slate, metal shavings and stone as well as dyes, textures and polishes. With guidance...
1-2-1 Resin Art Workshop with Emma Jones - Resin Artist Emma Jones, Is a full time Resin Artist and uses Eli-Chem Art Resins within Her full day Personal 1-2-1 art resin workshops. The Art resin Workshop is available in Poole, Dorset The workshops are designed for personal 1-2-1 participation but can be booked with a maximum of 3 participants. These Workshops are for complete beginners to Resin artists who are looking for extra product &...
Gloucestershire - Next course on 8th February 2019
Join us for this interactive introduction to creating resin artwork. You will learn the basics of working with epoxy resin for art, as well as how to create your very own abstract, non-representational resin artwork and how to clear coat existing paintings. During the workshop you will make resin paintings on both canvas and board. Resin expert Clare will show you how to do a 'dirty pour' and a 'swipe technique' with pigmented resin. You...
Gloucestershire - Next course on 22nd February 2019
Join us for this interactive introduction to the affordable and enjoyable craft of resin jewellery, where you will learn how to create your very own colourful bijouterie, with plenty of guidance and encouragement from resin jewellery expert Clare. This class is ideal for resin beginners - we will take you through the basics of working safely with epoxy resin as well as showing you different techniques for adding resin to jewellery. Resin gives you wonderful...
Tyne & Wear
Join me for this one and a half hour workshop casting resin into hanging Christmas decorations. You will have the chance to make two unique, personalised baubles. Choose from a star, circle, Christmas tree or angel shaped silicone moulds and make beautiful hanging decorations for your home. You will also have access to glitter, seaglass, embellishments and different coloured powders and be creative. This class is ideal for those who have never worked with resin...
Art Resin Painting Experience Day by Emma Jones Art Studio This Art Resin Workshop and experience day is for people wanting to create there own piece of Resin Art (with a little help) for there home or for a present, It's for those who are looking for a great day out to experience something new, By themselves or with a friend or partner. Emma is a well known UK contemporary artist predominately working in resin....
This price is on a 1:1 basis. Learn to use 3D printing software to design and create your own artwork with our FREE Fluid Designer for 3D Printing software which we have helped develop. If you want to design your own artwork then you should be learning how to create your own designs using apps such as Fluid Designer for 3D Printing (Parametric Blender). Learn how to combine complex objects by modifying existing models to...
Greater London - Next course on 22nd June 2019
Explore working with resins from mould making, casting, introducing colour and finishing techniques to create some original and exciting pieces of resin jewellery. By the end of the course you will be able to Make a master Know how to use the master to make a mould Learn how to make a hole without drilling resin Know how to use resin safely Colour and cast things in to resin Understand finishing and finding techniques in...
Devon - Next course on 25th January 2019
Polymer clay is an amazingly versatile material. One of the joys of using it for jewellery making is that it is so lightweight which means you can make large, statement pieces which are very easy and comfortable to wear. On this workshop you will make a stunning 3D dome shaped pendant using your favourite colour combinations. We will create some amazing surface patterns and learn how to shape and make your pendant using complex construction...
United Kingdom
Paula Ortega’s intensive workshop will enable you to create your own masters, moulds and casts for jewellery and small sculpture with reusable and more sustainable alternatives to traditional casting materials. You will learn the skills to allow you to process these in your own home or studio using some basic tools.

 Learn how to use and reuse modelling and moulding materials and how to cast your own eco-resin pieces in this comprehensive programme. You will...