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Metal clay jewellery courses

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Metal clay was developed in Japan and took the jewellery world by storm in the early 90s. Since then, metal clay workers and craft artists have proliferated and there are workshops the length and breadth of the UK that will show you the techniques required to make beautiful jewellery pieces using metal clay. Metal Clay is sometimes referred to as Art Clay Silver or Precious Metal Clay, but the process is the same. Fired in a kiln, with a torch, or in a home stove, metal clay jewellery allows crafters to create beautiful and intricate work - in a relatively short time!

One day silver clay workshop in Loughborough or Market Bosworth. This is an introductory class to the wonders of Silver Clay. We will show you how to use the clay and help you to design and make your own jewellery which when fired becomes pure ,solid silver- you will make two or three pieces depending on size. The jewellery will be fired and ready for you to wear home or Why not make a unique...
West Yorkshire - Next course on 12th October 2019
Silver clay is a fantastic medium to work with! The versatility of clay, but with silver!! The end result is pure silver and stunning results can be achieved even by beginners. Laura Barnes, with many years teaching experience and a Masters Degree in Ceramics, will guide you through the process to create a piece/s that are unique to you and totally professional looking! Taught in the light, airy and warm studio of Creative with Nature...
Tyne and Wear - Next course on 7th September 2019
We offer metal clay jewellery workshops in the beautiful coastal town of Whitley Bay, near Newcastle. We are holding a beginners silver clay workshop taking place at Earsdon and Wellfield Community Centre. The workshop will start at 1pm and will last 3 hours. During the workshop we will cover the following: A bit about metal clay How to roll, shape and texture clay Finishing and polishing techniques Attaching necklace chain and/or drop earring fittings To...
Dorset - Next course on 7th September 2019
Inspired by Nature Come and make your own solid silver jewellery from silver clay, inspired by nature. This fun and informal workshop is suitable for beginners and those with some experience. In this class we will be using natural forms such as shells, leaves, seed pods and flowers to make moulds and to texture the silver clay. Each student will have the opportunity to make between 1-4 pieces dependant on if they choose to work...
Cumbria - Next course on 23rd July 2019
Inspired by the natural world, create your own unique pendant, earrings or brooch. Silver clay is an exciting medium that appeals to both jewellery novices and more experienced craftspeople. It requires little by way of equipment and responds beautifully to the imagination! Silver clay can be moulded, rolled, stamped, shaped and will retain fine imprinted detail. It lends itself particularly well to texture, 3D forms and experimentation. Fired on the day, your design will bond...
Hertfordshire - Next course on 17th August 2019
In this three hour session, you will be taught the basics of working with silver clay with demonstrations and tips for successful jewellery making. You will be taught how to roll, texture, fire and finish a minimum of one .999 fine silver pendant which will be ready to take home at the end of the workshop (potentially more depending on the size and shape chosen). Please note: if you have a design project in mind...
East Sussex
Introduction to Silver Clay one day course This course covers the following: -Making a textured pendant with or without a cut out -How to successfully join two dry pieces of clay -How to use moulding compounds and how to make charms and earrings from the moulds -How to make an Arum Lily pendant -Torch firing and kiln firing -How to make Jump rings, headpins and earring fittings -Finishing your piece (brushed or high shine finishes)...
Leicestershire - Next course on 24th August 2019
Join us on our one day beginners workshop to learn the fundamentals of creating your own beautiful solid silver jewellery. This workshop is aimed at those with no little or no experience of working with silver clay. After this workshop you will have the knowledge and skills to be able to create your own designs in the comfort of your own home. Guided by your instructor you’ll make four pieces of solid silver jewellery. What...
Tyne & Wear - Next course on 24th July 2019
Learn how to make your own beautiful fine silver jewellery from art clay silver, at my studio in Newcastle upon Tyne. No previous experience is necessary! Silver clay when fired, which can be done using an inexpensive torch at home, results in 99.9% fine silver pieces. By the end of my course you will have some beautiful jewellery to take home. I will teach you the following: Rolling & cutting Texturing Layering Pre fire finishing...
Dorset - Next course on 10th August 2019
Learn to make your own beautiful fine silver jewellery from art clay silver - no previous experience is necessary. Silver clay is one of a range of metal clays. All metals clays are fine metal powder mixed with a binder to create malleable clay that can be moulded, textured, rolled and cut out. The clay is then dried before being fired with a torch (which can be done using an inexpensive torch at home) or...

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