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Glass blowing courses, classes and workshops are taught all across the UK. Glass blowing is a technique that involves using a blow pipe to inflate molten glass into a bubble and then shaping that glass bubble. Glass blowing courses and workshops take place up and down the UK and most glass blowers and tutors will cover a range of topics such as: handling molten glass; sculpting the glass and using specific tools; working with glass colours; blowing a glass vessel.

For the ultimate experience, come and enjoy the magic of a hot glass studio. Learn how to manipulate the molten glass, and with help from Charlie, turn your ideas into reality. Over the course of the day, participants will learn how to shape and blow glass, before adding colour and finishing the pieces. We will provide a voucher for the experience, which can be arranged for a convenient time.
West Midlands - Next course on 5th October 2019
Join this workshop and leave having made your very own lead crystal paperweight. In a small group of 6 people, you will be shown how to correctly and safely handle hot glass. You will learn the techniques for creating a glass paper weight, adding colour, bubbles and swirls in your design. Craft a lasting memory in glass via a creative process that has been passed down since the time of the Ancient Phoenicians. With expert...
The two day lesson consists of two six-hour sessions and aims to provide an intensive introduction to this most exciting and challenging of craft disciplines. Throughout the lesson, you will learn to gather molten glass from the furnace at a temperature exceeding 1100 degrees and manipulate it with a range of traditional glassmaking tools. You will be taught to apply colour and pattern to the clear glass so that by the end of the lesson,...

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