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Glass enamelling courses, classes and workshops are taught all across the UK. Want to learn the art of enamelling onto glass? Enamelling involves fusing powdered glass onto your surface (glass, metal or pottery) and firing it to create hard decorative surfaces. Enamelling is one of the world’s oldest technologies and most often used in creating jewellery or otherwise decorating objects. Modern day glass artists still employ this method to creative wonderfully detailed decoration. Learn how from our experienced glass artists and tutors.

Image for Enamelling on Copper
Dilys Fisher of Rosy M Design has been running enamelling courses since 2005. This is a wonderful ancient craft where enamel powder (ground glass) is applied to copper and is then fired in a kiln for approx. 1 minute until the enamel becomes molten and attaches to the copper. If 3 students book together its £45 each, 2 students £67.50 each or 1 student £135. Courses are suitable for both complete beginners and those with...
Image for Jewellery Making with Lucy Copleston in the beautiful Vale of Clwyd
Lucy Copleston trained at the Royal College of Art and has made jewellery and taught the craft since 1975.Tuition costs £125 for an eight hour day and is one-to-one so your learning is fast tracked. By arrangement two students can learn together i.e. couples making wedding rings, family members or friends. A discount of 20% is given for two students learning together. Sessions are tailored to the specific requirements of each student and are flexible...
Image for Enamelling for Beginners and Improvers
Enamelling is the art of fusing glass to metal at high temperatures, using a kiln. In a one day class you will learn the basics of enamelling, including equipment, materials and then counter-enamelling. I will then go on to teach you several techniques such as sifting, wet packing, applying media. In my intermediate classes, you will also learn techniques such as wire work, swirling and grisaille. I also do a class using silver clay as...
Image for Silver Clay (including make your own wedding ring)
I now offer day courses in Silver Clay. Silver clay is ground down silver combined with a binder which once sculpted and fired burns away to leave pure silver (99%). It means that you can create beautiful silver jewellery easily in one session. As an enameller the reason I started using silver clay was to create pieces that I could then enamel. I offer enamelling on silver clay as a one day course. The Silver...
Image for Enamelling on Copper for jewellery - Day course at Rainbow Glass Studios - learn an ancient glass making skill
Next course on 21st January 2017
This exciting day course in enamelling on copper explores the skills and techniques of kiln enameling, We will fuse finely powdered enamel onto the surface of copper. These beautiful techniques were first used by the ancient Chinese, Greeks, Celts and Egyptians to decorate metal and add colour to metal jewellery and other objects. If you love working with colour you will enjoy enamelling; the possible combinations are endless, the results swift and exciting to see...
Image for Jewellery making, cold connection pendant necklace
Next course on 18th March 2017
Jane has a BA Hons in Contemporary Jewellery and has been making jewellery for a number of years, now runs various classes and workshops on jewellery making techniques. The courses are held in the picturesque village of Tenderden, Kent from Dotty Diva’s Studio Barn. This is a day course which will start at 10am and finish at 4.00pm. Jane’s courses and classes are suitable for all abilities – whether jewellery is a new interest, or...
Image for Glass Fusing with Enamels - Two Day Course
Next course on 14th April 2017
What will I learn? Steve is one of only a few professional glass artists choosing to work with enamel powders to colour the glass (as opposed to using pre-coloured glass). He has developed his own techniques for working with these enamels, creating unique patterns and effects. Steve will share these techniques with you, and take you step- by-step through the glass-fusing process so that you can create your own unique piece of fused glass art....
Image for Introduction to Glass Fusing with Enamels - 1.5/2 Hour Workshop
Next course on 12th April 2017
This is our entry level workshop. You will make your own curved tealight panel (height approx. 19cm). This course will give you a taster of the techniques of glass fusing with enamels, and people often then go on to book a place on our more in-depth full day workshop. The glass will be fired in the kiln that evening, and then ready to be collected (or posted for an additional charge) from the following day.
Image for Enamelling Taster
Next course on 11th February 2017
This is a fun introduction to working with enamels on copper. You will learn how to prepare your copper blanks, apply your enamel, apply decoration and fire in the kiln You will build up your piece in stages with a firing in the kiln in between each stage. Your design will build up as you go and you will have a range of materials and techniques to play with. If you have worked with glass...
Image for Silver clay workshop
Fancy an intensive 1-to-1 day of learning the silver clay skills you want? Your one day workshop will be tailor made for you. I love silver clay and I am passionate about working with it. Join me, Joy Funnell, for a fun packed learning experience and take your work to the next level. If you are new to metal clay your day could cover an introduction to silver clay where you will learn all the...