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Cookery courses, classes and workshops taught all across the UK. Want to learn to produce tasty dishes and meals to delight your family and friends? Cooking is a skill and can be a pleasure in your everyday life. Learn from experienced cooks and chefs and you'll never open your cupboards with trepidation again!

Image for All Inclusive Artisan Baking Weekend in Devon
Enjoy two days of expert, hands-on, bread-making tuition on an all-inclusive weekend's stay at The Artisan Bakery School. The School is in a 300-year old cottage in the village of Sparkwell. It lies within easy reach of both Dartmoor and the stunning South Devon coast, making it also an ideal location for non-baking partners (who only pay £165). This is a great opportunity to develop your artisan bread-making skills, or try your hand at pizza,...
Image for Artisan bread making day: a 'Quirky Workshop' at Greystoke Cycle Cafe near Penrith and Ullswater
Next course on 17th March 2017
Click through above to see our website and browse our full 2017 course programme. Our Bread workshops are always very productive - Gillian will explain over our morning coffee the importance of the various ingredients, dried yeast versus fresh, liquids and proving times - and very soon you'll be making your first loaf of basic farmhouse bread (wholemeal or granary). You will quickly move on to rolls, focaccia, rustic soda breads, challah, parmesan buns, garlic...
Image for Breadmaking - one day course
Breadmaking Join us for a day of breadmaking and learn how to make loaves to be proud of! You will try out a range of dough making techniques using different flours and learn how to shape your dough into loaves, rolls and Mediterranean breads. You will leave with the bread you have made and a booklet of bread making advice and recipes to help you continue your bread making journey. Tutor: Kath Corfield Kath runs...
Image for Artisan Sourdough & Rye Day
Sourdough bread is becoming increasingly popular, for the very good reason that it tastes as amazing as it looks, and it hugely beneficial effects on your digestive system. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn't even have to taste 'sour'. It is a natural, wild yeast leaven that can be used to create a huge range of tastes. The Artisan Sourdough & Rye Day is a hands-on workshop devoted to learning how to: * Manage consistently...
Image for Artisan Cheesemaking with Rachael Shreeve:a 'Quirky Workshop' at Greystoke Cycle Cafe near Penrith and Ullswater
Next course on 18th March 2017
Click through above to see our website and browse our full course programme. Artisan Cheese making at Home with Rachael Shreeve from 'Aries Dairies' 9.30-2.30pm ish each day During this Greystoke course you will learn about the basics of making cheese; the important differences between hard and soft cheeses, what varies the taste of the cheese , the importance of different starter cultures, different curdling agents and how temperature and humidity effect the final product....
Image for Cake Decorating Workshop
Bring your own cake. These courses are designed for the people who just rough up their icing and rush off to the supermarket to buy plastic models for sticking on. I will show you how to apply marzipan and sugarpaste then teach you how to make simple yet stunning decorations. Your friends and family will be amazed. If you need to buy one of my rich fruit cakes with lashings of Brandy please let me...
Image for Croissants, Pastries & Brioche: Viennoiserie Day at The Artisan Bakery School
DELECTABLE PASTRIES, HAND-CRAFTED BY YOU! Viennoiserie means 'things from Vienna' - in this case, delicious things created from a laminated (layered) or non-laminated yeasted dough, and supposedly invented by the Viennese (although the French did their fair share!). By the end of the day, you will be able to make your own mouth-watering croissants, pain au chocolat, frangipane butterflies and a selection of Danish pastries. You will also learn how to make a feather-light, buttery...
Image for Bread Making - Beginners one day course
Next course on 27th January 2018
Bread Making - Beginners Tutor: Ursula Ferrigno Beginner’s Bread-making with our new tutor, Ursula Ferrigno. She will be running an intensive one-day course for beginners and to help people to improve their bread-making skills. The course will combine demonstration and hands–on baking with an understanding of what is going on in bread-making. Students will be making three different breads to take home, plus two starter doughs. COURSE CONTENT Introduction to the world of flours, and...
Image for Chocolate Shoes Class - Gravesend, Kent
Next course on 1st April 2017
Your tutor for the day will be Susan Ryan from Relish Chocolates. Come along and join a friendly, relaxed class to learn all about working with chocolate. Learn how to temper chocolate and work with moulds to create beautiful shoes. You will make one large shoe and one small shoe, add decorative elements to complete your design.
Image for Chocolate Truffle And Energy Ball Workshop
What’s included in the price? All you need to bring is a smile. Be prepared for a fun day full of loads of information and fun and learning as well as most importantly lovely delicious chocolate. chocolate bowl 2 Description: Are YOU looking for something new and exciting? Maybe you want to learn a new hobby? Possibly start a side line business to make some extra money? Is it time to give away thoughtful handmade...