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Food & drink courses

The joy of creating artisan food! Learn bread making from artisan bakers and and cheese-making from this country's finest cheese-makers. Enjoy cupcake and cake decorating courses with master bakers and sugar-crafters. Browse artisan food craft courses and workshops across the UK.

Merseyside - Next course on 8th May 2019
The Perfect Workshop: Make Your Own Samosas With Us! We’re fierce guards of our recipe at Perfect Samosa. The spice, punch and panache of our pastries comes from our own family cooking, so you can see why we keep it close to heart. But now, you can gain the secret for yourself. We’re launching a new series of workshops at Liverpool’s Halewood Academy that give our samoserers a chance to recreate their favourites at home....
Oxfordshire - Next course on 12th June 2019
Make your own organic weekly loaves in this fun, relaxing class with Cate Wetherall Weekly Loaves | Pizza Base | Special Bakes Demo One To begin, we cover the basics – looking at the ingredients, learning the differences between flours and yeasts, and measuring and mixing a great bread dough. Practical Session One You’ll have a go at kneading your own dough, which you will leave to prove as we break for coffee. Practical Session...
Herefordshire - Next course on 8th June 2019
Herb walks at Hellens Garden Festival, Much Marcle (free once you have paid the entry fee to festival). A guided walk around the herb garden at Hellens Manor, and discussion of the historical and current use of herbs in medicine. On Sunday, a talk and demo of my top 20 herbs ; how to cultivate, harvest and use them for health and well being.
Northumberland - Next course on 21st April 2019
Drop-in to The Sill this Easter Sunday and decorate your own lolly with Bev Stephenson from award-winning North Chocolates. Sticky, sweet, scrumptious and you get to take your own hand-decorated creation home - if it lasts that long! Drop in, decorate, go do some fun stuff and come back to wrap and go!
Herefordshire - Next course on 4th May 2019
Herb walk at the Herefordshire Wildlife Trust Queenswood Country Park. A 2 hour amble identifying & discussing the herbs we find along the way. We will be identifying the herbs we find on our walk and discussing the principles of using herbs for maintaining our health and well being. The aim is to increase our appreciation of the natural resources around us and increase our knowledge & understanding of herbs and our relationship with them....
As part of Fernhill Fibre's Blade Shearing Tournament and Fleece Sale day we've been invited to put on some foraging walks for you with Totally Wild UK. It's going to be a really fun day. Come and explore the wonderful Fernhill Farm in Spring, learn the basics of foraging and discover the vast array of edibles that can be found right under our noses! During the Forage your forager will introduce you to a number...
Northumberland - Next course on 4th May 2019
Linus from Northern Wilds makes great wild food foraged straight from the woods, meadows and hedgerows of Northumberland. Join Linus for a hands-on session you'll learn all about Lacto-fermentation, a process that produces traditional pickles, kimchi, and sauerkraut. This simple fermentation process requires nothing more than salt, vegetables, and water with no canning or no fancy equipment. You'll also make your own a batch of delicious Lactofermented Wild Garlic Kimchi; a 'must-have' wild food preserve....
Hampshire - Next course on 20th April 2019
Chef Dan’s Cookery School provides a range of more detailed workshops on specific types of cooking, from Italian themed dishes to vegetarian and gluten free recipes. Whether you are a novice chef wanting to learn some new techniques or a more seasoned cook wanting to expand your recipe repertoire there is something for everyone at Chef Dan’s Cookery School.
Join me, Jade Mellor, a professional forager for nearly ten years and owner of foraging business Wild Pickings for a Spring foray! Its the time for fresh and tasty wild greens which are packed with vitamins and full of goodness. We will begin the day with a stroll around Cardigan’s lanes learning about and gathering a rich variety of edible seasonal leaves. Bring a basket or something similar to carry your harvest and we will...
London - Next course on 20th April 2019
Coffee can taste very different from what we used to. This workshop is a discovery of the world's finest coffee and their associated flavours. The workshop will start with an introduction to the history of coffee; from the legendary goat that discovered coffee in Ethiopia to the first coffee farm. A cup of coffee is the result of 3 characters: the farmer, the roaster, and the barista. The farmer: we will have a glimpse of...