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Foraging & wild food courses

Foraging and wild food walks and courses are taught in woods, meadows and hedgerows across the UK. Learn to identify and harvest wild greens, edible leaves, herbs and mushrooms with expert foragers and herbalists in the picturesque wilderness of our green country. Collecting your own wild food (and medicine) is immensely satisfying and healthy - not to mention cost effective! Food foraging is an ancient skill that gets us back to the very basics of human life. Foraging workshops and walks make for a great day out in the fresh air, chatting with fellow foragers and learning delicious new recipes.

Herefordshire - Next course on 8th June 2019
Herb walks at Hellens Garden Festival, Much Marcle (free once you have paid the entry fee to festival). A guided walk around the herb garden at Hellens Manor, and discussion of the historical and current use of herbs in medicine. On Sunday, a talk and demo of my top 20 herbs ; how to cultivate, harvest and use them for health and well being.
There are many plants in our gardens and hedgerows, either cultivated or 'weeds' that can be used for herbal First Aid. Common plants such as Calendula and Plantain are extremely versatile and healing. Having a well stocked First Aid cabinet, means you'll be prepared for life's little accidents and making your own medicines is empowering and fun! When you make your own medicines, you know exactly what's in them and can tailor them to your...
This course will cover how to prepare for your travels by achieving optimum health before you go using herbal remedies, and also what to take with you as an essential travel herbal first aid kit plus herbs for minor ailments while travelling. We will also discuss useful herbs for helping cope with the challenges of travelling in other countries and climates, and possible alternatives to vaccinations, traditional herbal anti malarials etc. Will we make some...
Lincolnshire - Next course on 8th June 2019
Have you ever wanted to learn how to identify common, locally found plants? How about learning how to make medicine using the contents of your spice rack, or using easily obtained ingredients? Why not join me for a range of one day sessions where you will learn how to: How to gather, dry and prepare your own herbs How to make a variety of different plant medicines How to use those plant medicines to treat...
Herefordshire - Next course on 24th August 2019
Herb walk at the Herefordshire Wildlife Trust Queenswood Country Park. A 2 hour amble identifying & discussing the herbs we find along the way. We will be identifying the herbs we find on our walk and discussing the principles of using herbs for maintaining our health and well being. The aim is to increase our appreciation of the natural resources around us and increase our knowledge & understanding of herbs and our relationship with them....
Dorset - Next course on 7th June 2019
Intuitive Plant Medicine Course A one day special workshop… Learn intuitively from the living plants in my herb garden. We'll weave in plant mythology and folklore from our ancient British native healing traditions. We will listen to the plants, opening to their essence, their spirit. Find your own plant ally and develop your own intimate relationship through 'day-dreaming' and a drumming journey, receive their healing gifts and wisdom. Some of the topics covered include making...
Forage for local, seasonal dye plants for the vat along with beautiful shaped and textured flora for eco-printing on to paper and fabric. Eco-printing is a wonderful technique that records the unique signature of a leaf or flower creating a lasting record of a time and place. During this one day event you will eco-print a pure silk cushion to take away with you along with additional paper samples that can be made into a...
Ceredigion - Next course on 22nd June 2019
Guardian gardening journalist and The Organic Way magazine editor, Kim Stoddart leads this very popular polytunnel growing course. During the action packed day she covers everything from polytunnel basics to time and money saving tips, growing all year round, dealing with extremes of weather and watering during summer, seed saving and much more besides. It'll change the way you use your polytunnel for the better for ever.
Join Jade Mellor of Wild Pickings on a private foraging walk with a group of family or friends. Half day, morning or afternoon walks & workshops, specifically tailored to your interests (forest, hedgerow, seashore or a mix). Jade has been a professional forager for nearly ten years, collecting wild food from the beautiful hedgerows, woodlands and coast of West Wales. "I pick what is seasonally abundant, with care and sensitivity, always leaving plenty to go...
Stirlingshire - Next course on 20th July 2019
Monica Wilde is a forager, research herbalist and ethnobotanist. She has been teaching foraging courses, wild cookery, plant medicine, rewinding retreats and nature immersion all over the country for over 13 years. She has a Masters degree in Herbal Medicine and is a Fellow of the Linnean Society. Monica lives in a self-built wooden house in Scotland. Nature has been her addiction since early childhood! She was a founding member of the Association of Foragers....