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Cheese making courses, classes and workshops are taught all across the UK. Want to learn the craft of cheese-making? Fancy trying to make your own cheddar, halloumi, mozzarella or mascarpone (not to mention butter)? Learn the secrets of artisan cheesemaking from experienced and expert UK cheese makers

Artisan Cheese making at Home with Rachael Shreeve from 'Aries Dairies' 9.30-2.30pm ish each day During this Greystoke course you will learn about the basics of making cheese; the important differences between hard and soft cheeses, what varies the taste of the cheese , the importance of different starter cultures, different curdling agents and how temperature and humidity effect the final product. The milk is used by the house hold not only as lovely fresh...
Hampshire - Next course on 22nd November 2018
Join Louise Talbot, founder of Cutting the Curd, for this special hands-on cheese making class in which she will be introduce you to the 'alchemy' of turning fresh milk into a variety of cheeses. These will include a Baileys Irish Cream, a fabulous Boursin type blue cheese spread, feta and a Camembert. All your cheeses will be ripe and ready for Christmas entertaining or to create delicious dairy inspired gifts. A variety of presentation ideas...