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Graphic design courses

Graphic design courses and workshops across the UK. Learn about typography, poster design, publications using traditional techniques as well as computer applications such as Photoshop, In Design and Illustrator. Explore logos and layouts and hone your graphic design skills!

This course is suitable for those of you who run your own business, or even a small arts charity, and need to market your services and/or products online. You will learn how to use different platforms effectively; create visual and written content and develop valuable online relationships with customers. The focus will be on persuading clients, and potential clients, to make a 'call to action' so that they are encouraged to book your services or...
Blair McCafferty of the Creature Emporium, has a degree in Graphic Design and a passion for all things skateboarding. Previously sponsored by Deathbox, Converse, Jart Skateboards and Dephect skate brands, Blair has campaigned for skateparks and facilities since he was a young lad and recently had a hand in the design, fund raising and build of Newport-on-Tay’s skatepark. Working freelance, he describes himself as a full time doodle monkey who likes to create cute graffiti...
Hampshire - Next course on 23rd June 2019
Many of us use our iPads and iPhones on a daily basis, but may not understand the creative potential that lays within them. With just a few taps on the screen, apps such as Brushes XP can transform your devices into a powerful tool enabling you to create imagery almost anywhere. Join us for an afternoon and work alongside artist and teacher Liz Wellby, with an introduction to digital drawing and painting on your iPad...
Work with award winning designer Daniel Heath and explore the hand crafted process and traditional artisan skills used in screen printing. Bring along a picture you would like to turn into a unique piece of wall art. Learn how to cut a stencil, mix colour and use a screen and squeegee to create a unique screen printed panel. Daniel Heath is a designer and maker, working across a range of different materials including textiles, wallpaper...
Hard ground on copper etching course In this course you will print a small edition from a polished copper plates. Hard ground etching is a historic intaglio process used by many iconic artists to create images from drawn line work. Hard ground is a traditional etching technique in which a hard wax coating is rolled over a copper plate, which you then scratch into using tools which reveals the metal. Etched in acid it bites...
The Art Club in Wimbledon is held on Saturday mornings at the Building Blocks Hall, 184b Kingston Rd, SW19 3NU. Classes last one hour and are ideal for children aged 6-18 who enjoy art and would like to develop their creativity. The cost is £8.50 per week payable termly in advance.
Kent - Next course on 20th June 2019
Come and learn how to create a series of dynamic, vibrant prints on paper or fabric using the filler stencil process (direct). Ideas and inspiration for projects will be provided on the day but feel free to bring an idea with you! We’ll help you adapt your idea so it’s suitable for printing. You’ll be shown how to prepare the screen and apply filler (liquid stencil) then print using 2 or 3 coloured inks depending...
Kent - Next course on 20th June 2019
In this workshop we will show you how to screen print onto paper using paper stencils. With this method, you can print multiples of your designs in several layers of flat colour without having to make an exposed screen or using screen filler. When screen printing, ink is forced through a fine mesh onto a flat surface. A paper stencil will block areas of the paper from receiving ink, creating your design. When using a...
Visit our Staffordshire design studio and spend a day or more learning or updating CAD skills by using Photoshop and / or Illustrator. From altering your own artwork to creating designs we can help you to enhance and manipulate your creative ideas. Offering you over 35 years of experience in the ever changing design industry. The day will begin with scanning in artworks and cleaning up images. We then move on to manipulating images on...
Nottinghamshire - Next course on 17th July 2019
This course will teach you how to make well thought out, aesthetic collages through different creative exercises, using Adobe Creative Suite to manipulate analog designs and create disorienting juxtapositions. Working with printed materials, digital stock images, scanners and image editing software you’ll have the opportunity to explore your own creativity and will leave with a portfolio of digital images. There has been a recent rise in the use of digital collage, especially in the publishing...

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