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Worcestershire - Next course on 4th September 2019
Join us for an inspirational journey, creating pencil and watercolour landscapes, culminating in a unique wool fibre art painting. You will be working outdoors in the lovely grounds of Bodenham Arboretum, guided by Raya Brown, a professional Artist and Art Tutor. To begin, you will explore the flora of the great garden by making sketchbook studies of nature - trees, plants, sky, water and the surrounding countryside. You will receive guidance in pencil and watercolour...
Introduction to Greenwood Craft - a weekend course A 3 day course to introduce you to Green wood craft, using a Pole Lathe, basic craft tools and making simple rustic furniture. Over the course, you will cover the following: Be introduced to basic woodland management and spend part of the first day in the woodland learning how to fell and coppice small trees for greenwood craft and consider different types of native timbers [wood] and...
Tyne and Wear
The next Introduction to Millinery course consists of 3 sessions and will run as follows - Friday May 10, 5 - 8pm, Sunday May 12, 11 - 2pm, Friday May 17, 5 - 8pm. NB There is one place only remaining on the current course. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are interested in this workshop but cannot make it this time as I will happily work with you to find a...
Cheshire - Next course on 26th May 2019
Working with a range of decorative fusible glass types, you will develop an understanding of glass fusing which enable you to make stunning jewellery. You will experiment with colour, shape, bubble pens and other decorative items to create pendants, earrings and cuff links. You will be taught to use dichroic glass which adds a bit of magic dazzle to fused jewellery. Everything you need to make your finished pieces is included in the course, including...
Berkshire - Next course on 14th June 2019
Our new course by popular request. The two day chefs style knife course is designed for beginners that have no or little experience in metalwork or blacksmithing. The course starts with a quick safety talk and a cup of coffee. The material we will be using will be from spring steel which has a greater carbon content , these are the properties that make it more suitable to being hardened to ensure it keeps a...
Powys - Next course on 26th May 2019
The Welsh stick chair is the vernacular style of Windsor chair that evolved west of the border several hundred years ago. They’re simple but striking, and will grace any hearth with a charismatic presence. Over this seven-day course in a beautiful woodland workshop you’ll be taken through the process of crafting a Welsh stick chair from log to finished piece. You’ll fashion the legs, spindles and other frame parts from locally sourced ash using a...
Essex - Next course on 21st May 2019
I offer day courses in Silver Clay. Silver clay is made from silver particles suspended in a binder which once sculpted and fired burns away to leave pure/fine silver (99%). It means that you can create beautiful silver jewellery easily in one session. As an enameller the reason I started using silver clay was to create pieces that I could then enamel, which can also be covered. Covered in the lesson are: Types of clay...
This short course is designed to introduce you to printmaking techniques for ceramics where you will learn how to design, make and decorate cups or plates using mono-printing techniques. The course is suitable for beginners or those who wish to develop their skills using printmaking techniques. The course covers: • Painting using coloured slips to create mono-prints. • Drawing with oxides to create tonal mono-prints. • Pressing clay into plate moulds, adding fabric and texture....
Come and learn all about silver clay and how you can mould elaborate jewellery items as easily as working with Plasticine. Once you're happy with your piece, you can marvel as it turns to 99.9% pure silver as an ordinary kitchen blow lamp is applied to it. It really is alchemy! For this workshop we'll be making charms to hang on a silver bracelet. Then you'll learn how to make silver rings (five stacking rings...
Kent - Next course on 28th July 2019
Silver Clay is a remarkable material that moulds like plasticine, but once fired using a simple kitchen blow lamp it turns into 99.9% solid silver! It's a fantastic material for making moulded jewellery and anyone can do it.