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Candlemaking courses

Candle-making courses, classes and workshops taught all across the UK. Want to learn the art of making your own candles? Making candles is not only a useful and cost effective hobby but is also incredibly satisfying. Attending a candle making course can light up your days by showing you how to create attractive and elegant candles using gel, paraffin, beeswax, soy and tallow. Learn how to properly embed the wick, carve beautiful candles and incorporate perfumes, scents, essential oils and colour into your candle designs.

Create a bespoke and signature fragrance for your candle business and learn from a Head Perfumer in Chelsea perfume studio using a real perfume organ containing over 100 fragrance material and natural notes. Create a fragrance like no other. This expert workshop with the perfumer is designed for committed and ambitious individuals to help them learn in the most professional way how to create a signature fragrance for their candle business. To stand out you...
suffolk - Next course on 25th February 2019
The perfect introduction to Candlemaking, in a beautiful setting overlooking the Green in the quintessentially British village of Cavendish, Suffolk. During this workshop you will make and take away with you, 3 candles, (150g, 220g and 350g 3 wick). You'll also make some fragranced wax decorations which are perfect drawer or wardrobe refreshers. We will discuss the benefits of different waxes and experiment with several including Soya, a soy blend and paraffin. You will have...
*Please note....adults only. This advanced candle making class, was developed, in order to move on to learn new techniques in candle making from our beginners candle making class. You will need to have a good knowledge of Beginners candle making in order to progress to this class, as it only offers advanced teaching, and we would not have time to the basics. Your class will demonstrate, discuss and explain, so many different candle techniques, such...
Cote d'Azur
This amazing fun day gives you a great start to learning this art form. Personal "one on one" tuition means you laugh and learn. For a group of 3 people. You will learn... * Types of waxes – their usage and "how to guide" * Understanding wicks – the wrong size wick can transform your beautiful design into a badly burning mess * Health and Safety – extremely important when working with Wax * Colouring...
Cote d'Azur
Professional Business Complete - 6 Day Course – Learning the Art of Candle Design and Making as a Business. This amazing creative "one on one" personal tuition course gives you a detailed view of how to set up a profitable Candle Making Business, staying with Jane in her amazing apartment in Central Antibes. You will learn ... Types of waxes – their usage and "how to guide". Understanding wicks – the wrong size wick can...
Carmarthenshire - Next course on 21st February 2019
The ONLY Eco Candle and Room Diffuser Course in Wales! Learn to make your own candles and room diffusers these products are a must for your own personal use and save a fortune. You will learn how to use a variety of soy waxes essential oils and fragrance oils plus colours and stunning finishing affects. You will be making Room diffusers Votive candles Candle in glass Fragranced wax melts Fragranced Candles tins Pillar Candles You...
Greater London
What’s included in the price? All you need to bring is a smile. Be prepared for a fun day full of loads of information and fun and learning as well as most importantly candle making. Description: Are YOU looking for something new and exciting? Maybe you want to learn a new hobby? Possibly start a side line business to make some extra money? Is it time to give away thoughtful handmade gifts to loved ones?...
Candle making with Deborah Woodland Explore different waxes, candle wicks, moulds, colours, scents and textures. We’ll look at rolled, floating, dipped, jewelled and moulded candles using beeswax, soya and paraffin waxes along with a variety of dyes, perfumes and finishes. Take home at least 6 lovely lights!
Worcestershire - Next course on 28th February 2019
Join us for this wonderful opportunity to learn the traditional craft of candle making, creating your own collection using various techniques developed during the day. In particular, you will be exploring the art of dipped, poured and rolled candles. The ancient technique of hand dipping candles remains unchanged today; repeatedly dipping a weighted wick in melted wax to create elegant candle. For the poured candle, you will indulge in the recent trend of up cycling...
During this 4 Hour workshop session at our company studio in Devon, we will work with 100% recycled wax to create a range of beautiful fragranced candles. Products made during the day are yours to take home with you. We will be exploring the fragrance library we have here and you will have the opportunity to learn about every aspect of candle making, from wick sizes through to the responsible sourcing of our fragrances.