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Sustainable building & eco houses courses

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Find sustainable building workshops around the UK and learn how to build or maintain an eco house!

Cumbria - Next course on 9th August 2019
For availability on this course please see our website above, thank you. Over this busy one day course (originally a two day affair) you will together learn how to build a cob pizza oven and so take the knowledge home with you to recreate your very own outdoor pizza oven in your own garden. Starting with an existing plinth you will prepare, level and install the fire brick base and learn all about the importance...
Ceredigion - Next course on 17th August 2019
Growing some of your own produce is one of the most empowering experiences going. Join us on a beautiful smallholding in the wild, wild West of Wales to learn organic gardening techniques. This day is ideal for beginners as well as experienced gardeners looking to learn how to nurture delicious home grown fruit and vegetables with a greater resilience around our changing climate, with little to no fuss at all. This accessible, hugely informative and...
Half-day cob cottage maintenance course in Dorset. A half-day with Rob Buckley looking at cob cottages; from understanding their original earth construction techniques to discussing suitable methods of repair and upkeep, using Lime and natural materials. A lecture and demonstration based half day packed full of invaluable information for anyone living in an earth constructed home. Please contact us to request a place on a course, or register your interest. Past Quotes "Covered lots more...
Northumberland - Next course on 8th September 2019
Your chance to have a go at a traditional rural skill that has left a lasting legacy in the northern landscapes of Britain, with drystone waller Ben Lloyd. This course is held at the Sill National Landscape Discovery Centre in Hexham. Get in touch for bookings or more details.
Cob oven workshop in Dorset. A one-day course with Rob Buckley, building a working earth oven in the beautiful Blackmore Vale. With a maximum of just eight people on the course, you will work together to build an earth cob oven on a plinth. During the day Rob will discuss different techniques for different earth mixes, so that you will have the skills to build one at home for yourself. This day is also a...
Suffolk - Next course on 26th July 2019
Learn traditional methods of converting earth into cob, daub or clay lump. Make your own earth sculpture to take home. Find out about using coppiced woodland materials in construction. Try your hand at using a shave horse and draw knife. This experience day shows you how our ancestors built with their local landscape in low-tech and sustainable ways. Building is fun and easy. Think small and local. Involve your friends and family. Celebrate a special...
Shropshire - Next course on 17th August 2019
A new course for woodland owners, woodland workers, and woodland managers. The course will help you have a clearer idea of the development planning system, with particular focus on England, and practical steps you can take to present your woodland project in the most positive frame to the Local Planning Authority and others. The course content will include: - The purpose of the planning system; - Why the planning system matters to woodlands; - Types...
Practical straw bale building course in the South West. A two-day course of theory and building work learning the basic techniques of practical building with straw bales. During the two days the following topics will be covered and put into practice constructing a demonstation building dedicated to training: - History of bale building - Advantages and disadvantages of straw bales as a building material - Local authority Planning and Building Control implications - Environmental impact...
An exciting and hands on course to equip you with the knowledge and experience to build with this ecological and versatile resource. Straw bale construction has many advantages. Straw is widely available and a by- product of crop production. It’s affordable and renewable, and carries a far smaller carbon footprint than more commonly used building methods. Straw bales are incredibly insulating and make exceedingly energy efficient buildings. A straw bale construction will save you money...
Why not try a window tinting course. We teach this for automotive mainly but we do get students that want to learn to do offices and hotels. A brilliant course where you will learn a lot in 2 days, then its down to you to practice with your free fixing kit you go away with from the course. A fantastic 2 day course where you will learn how to tint windows. You can use this...

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