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DIY and home improvements courses

Find DIY courses around the UK. Learn to do electrics, plumbing, wood work, laying tiles or floors and all the many skills you need for home and property maintenance.

Surrey - Next course on 20th April 2019
All courses are taught in the Great British Woodshop as seen on the Discovery Channel TV series by presenter David Free. Number of students: 4 max I'd like to welcome you to our workshop and in this one day introductory course to hand tools and basic DIY you will learn how to use non power tool options to woodworking. I feel some power tools are essential in the home or home workshop, a battery powered...
Surrey - Next course on 15th March 2019
These are simple jobs that with a little skill and confidence you can do yourself. You only need to know some basic rules and know how to check your work so you can safely complete the task. There are so many jobs around the house from fixing electrical equipment, replacing fuses and checking if something is blown. Seeing if there is actually voltage at a socket using a plug in tester. How about adding a...
Surrey - Next course on 27th April 2019
Spray painting is always used by professional shops to give the highest quality finish in much less time. It doesn't matter if you want to renovate your kitchen cupboards, finish the piece of furniture you just finished building or spray your car to fix a minor dent. Learning how to spray paint gives you a skill that will allow you to achieve a high quality finish on any project. If you want to learn how...
In this course you will learn how to plan out the laying of your floor, working out the total area so you purchase the correct amount of material. Different material thicknesses and the reasons for the choice. Underlay selection and cutting. Cutting the flooring to size and fitting each piece together and trimming the last section on each run. Dealing with the perimeter of the room and the edges of the flooring. Also removing scratches...
Surrey - Next course on 23rd February 2019
Learn basic skills such as: How to cut and fix plaster board to walls and ceilings How to tape standard and internal joints How to cut and fix angle beads around windows and reveals How to cut and fix stop beads How to mix apply PVA adhesive Unibond to existing surfaces How to mix plastering materials How to use trowels and hawks Surface preparation and skimming Polishing and touch ups
Surrey - Next course on 22nd March 2019
This course is not designed to get you ready for a career as a professional plumber. This is for homeowners who want to learn the basics so they can repair or fix simple common plumbing problems around the house. With a few basics and a bit of confidence there are many simple jobs like fixing leaking taps or toilets that you can do yourself, so why pay a professional plumber £70 for something you can...
Surrey - Next course on 23rd February 2019
Learn basic skills such as: · Setting out your tiling work · Explaining all the different adhesives used for different surfaces · Demonstrating all the tools required · Cutting tiles · Explaining tiling involving Borders, Diamonds and Patterns · How to cut around windows and reveals · How to cope with tiling difficult areas such as uneven walls · How to tile around sockets and switches · How to tile splash-backs · How to tile...
Surrey - Next course on 2nd March 2019
This course is aimed at the home owner who would like to build their home maintenance, repair and home renovating skills. During this one day course you will learn the following: COURSE CONTENT How to drill into plasterboard, wood, concrete, glass and brick Replacing a door (hanging the door, replacing hinges, installing door hardware-handle & lock) Repairing plasterboard (cracks, small and large holes) Blocking up a doorway or opening up a wall Fixing pictures and...
Bristol - Next course on 13th April 2019
A DIY Course for complete beginners This course will give you an introduction to basic tools, fixings and wall filling techniques which you will use these to carry out a range of common minor household repairs and DIY jobs. The course will equip you with the skills and confidence to carry out basic DIY tasks in your own home The course will cover: basic hand tools and how to use them using power drills basic...
This online course is designed for you if you are determined to create an extraordinary candle brand. Perhaps you are confident in making candles but you are absolutely unsure as to where to start from, what laws to comply with, how to establish a niche market and set up an unique value proposition. You struggle with defining your own customer, you are targeting wrong audience, perhaps you have made candles for friends and family and...