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Find Historical manuscript courses

Traditional, medieval & illuminated manuscript courses, classes and workshops taught at locations across the UK. Manuscripts are original works; documents or texts 'produced by hand'. Learn to cure, cut and write with quills to create gilded and decorated letters and keep this beautiful heritage craft alive.

Cumbria - Next course on 1st October 2019
Join talented illuminator, Sarah Lace, for a two day workshop to learn the historic craft of illuminated lettering. This workshop offers the opportunity to learn something of the history and origins about these art forms as we examine a range of styles from 6th century Celtic through to the modern day; showing their development through time. Sarah will help with the design of your piece including simple techniques of constructing Celtic knotwork and spirals, decoration...
What happens when all the art traditions have been broken? Where does art go after modernism and how do artists make art when cultural authority has been challenged? This course will explore the wide and diverse approaches to art in more recent years when we have come to see that there is no longer one dominant style or movement in art. Artists are now working in a pluralistic, multi-cultural, global society in which advances in...
Online & Wiltshire
The content is a playfulness of language,the making of a personal HermeneuticsSaga, this course is about transform with paper, with colour and verse. A purposely formed creative force through the journey together in my workshops.