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Traditional, medieval & illuminated manuscript courses, classes and workshops taught at locations across the UK. Manuscripts are original works; documents or texts 'produced by hand'. Learn to cure, cut and write with quills to create gilded and decorated letters and keep this beautiful heritage craft alive.

Next course on 21st October 2017
Medieval Illuminated Manuscript - one day course Embellish your work with gold! Students will be introduced to the variety of illuminated manuscripts. The morning will be spent learning how to apply gold leaf to paper using various traditional techniques. Having mastered this skill, the afternoon will be spent creating a small scale medieval design in watercolour and 24 carat gold leaf to take home. No drawing skills or experience necessary as there will be a...
Next course on 11th November 2017
Take your gold work to the next level! This illumination workshop focus solely on the use of manuscript gesso and loose leaf gold. Raising the gold on gesso means that it can be burnished to a high shine producing beautiful resutls. It is a more advanced technique than the one used on our Illuminated Manuscripts day course so makes a interesting next step for those who have some experience. No drawing skills necessary as there...
‘Illuminated’ manuscript is the name given to text which contains gold or silver which reflects the light. A manuscript which is richly decorated in colour only, without having gold or silver is, technically, not illuminated. Illumination with gold goes back into antiquity but is especially common in the later Middle Ages in manuscripts such as Books of Hours. These days, gold leaf continues to be used to create either that classic illuminated look or a...
Next course on 16th June 2018
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A three day workshop focusing on different traditional manuscript skills. Historical Manuscript Writing A day devoted to learning a script which is very much a part of our heritage. The Uncial Script came to Britain with the Romans and stayed after they went home, to be developed by monks in scriptoriums in Northern England and Ireland. Since then this versatile and comfortable script has undergone changes to bring it into the realms of advertising, film...