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Great Britain has a very long history of blacksmithing and making useful or beautiful items from metal. Our museums display iron and bronze age jewellery, simple coins, swords, knives, armour and an abundance of farming and industrial implements. The craft of forging metal to make sturdy long-lasting implements has a rich history in these islands with so many natural resources. Metal can be heavy and strong for the resilient barricades or hefty locks and bolts of castles and prisons or feathery light and dainty for elegant jewellery and fine adornment. Metal is a material of infinite variety and you will find a metal craft course to suit your interests and skills here with our enthusiastic and skilled metal working tutors

Don't know how to mend a puncture? This short evening course, which includes some hands on work, is designed to make sure you can become self sufficient when out on your own on a bike ride. Our tutor, Dan Richards is a qualified Cytech 3 mechanic and owner of Lake District Cycling, a cycling service provider (in association with Virgin Trains at Penrith Station and shortly Oxenholme Station, providing much needed pre-bookable Cycle Hire from...
Birmingham - Next course on 22nd August 2018
Learn a new craft with a group of absolute beginners. Learn the art of embossing on pewter to produce a stunning cover for a notebook and a pen in this lustrous metal. You will be taught the basics of hand embossing on sheet pewter, as well as how to give it an aged look. You can enhance designs with coloured inks or embellish it with jewels. I will guide you through the process from the...
Create your own unique butterfly for the garden. Catches sunlight and sways in the wind to add interest to gardens. Use traditional metal finishing techniques to raise the shape and patina. It will then be polished and you add the rod for allowing it to be placed in the ground. Further images can be seen on my site. I would recommend a minimum age of 8. Please contact if you have any questions. Maximum of...
South Yorkshire - Next course on 29th September 2018
If you've been to one of Roses classes before, or have made silver jewellery before, you can come and use the workshop to make whatever you like! No particular demonstrations will be given on this class as such but Rose will be on hand to assist you with your project to make sure what you want to make can be realised. MATERIALS You will need to e-mail Rose your silver requests and let her know...
Fife - Next course on 28th September 2018
7pm - 9pm Come along and learn how to saw, solder, form and texture your own silver ring from scratch! In this workshop, you will create a hammered texture ring using both traditional and contemporary jewellery techniques. The perfect class for an individual or a group of friends to come and learn, socialise and most importantly, to make some jewellery to take home!
We will be making some lovely decorations from copper and bronze to hang from your Christmas Tree or just add a bit of Christmas cheer to your home. The decorations that you make can be personalised and are sure to become a family keepsake for you and your loved ones We will be making the decorations from bronze and copper clay which fire to produce beautiful copper and bronze decorations
South Yorkshire - Next course on 27th October 2018
This fun short taster course will help you find out if you want to learn more about jewellery making. You will be able to make a lovely textured silver wrap ring in just a few hours using traditional methods and hand tools. Demonstrations will be given on how to apply different texturing techniques to metal which you can try out on copper before committing your final design to silver. For your final piece you will...
Come along and discover your own creative flair and learn some professional jewellery making techniques with jewellery designer Sheila Roussel. In this workshop you will be guided through the step by step process to create your very own ring for yourself or as a gift. You will experiment with copper, creating a variety of textures using different hammers and files. You'll learn how shape, file and solder copper to make your practise ring. This will...
Fife - Next course on 31st August 2018
7pm - 9pm Come along and learn how to saw, solder, form and texture your own silver rings from scratch! In this workshop, you will create a set of three textured skinny rings that can be stacked together or worn separately. The perfect class for an individual or a group of friends to come and learn, socialise and most importantly, to make some jewellery to take home!
This course is great for beginners to learn some basic silver-working techniques, and you will go away with a solid silver bangle that you have made! It is run by Fiona Cocks BA(Hons) who is has been teaching classes for over 10 years. She is enthusiastic and fun. The 3 hour session takes place in the workshops of Bigbury Mint, which is in Ermington, near Ivybridge, in the heart of the South Hams area of...