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Blacksmithing & metal courses

Great Britain has a very long history of blacksmithing and making useful or beautiful items from metal. Our museums display iron and bronze age jewellery, simple coins, swords, knives, armour and an abundance of farming and industrial implements. The craft of forging metal to make sturdy long-lasting implements has a rich history in these islands with so many natural resources. Metal can be heavy and strong for the resilient barricades or hefty locks and bolts of castles and prisons or feathery light and dainty for elegant jewellery and fine adornment. Metal is a material of infinite variety and you will find a metal craft course to suit your interests and skills here with our enthusiastic and skilled metal working tutors

Yorkshire - Next course on 3rd March 2019
This course can be a stand alone course or can be booked alongside the introduction to blacksmithing. You will learn the basics of blacksmithing and hand forge work and create you very own knife! Forges are hot and can be noisy; Eye & ear protection will be provided and please wear solid boots and clothes suitable for working in (made of natural fibres). Open to all those 16+, interested in traditional and modern crafts, please...
Wiltshire - Next course on 16th February 2019
Under the tutelage of Graham Clarke you will learn to make a fully useable carbon steel knife. During your first day you will: * Shape your knife using a gas forge, hammer, anvil. * Normalise your blade in the gas forge * Grind your blade to it's near finished shape * Heat-treat your blade (without the fiery theatricals as seen on television) * Finish grind and sharpen your blade. On your second day you will:-...
Copper Bashing for Beginners with Professional Blacksmith Lucille. Lucille Scott is an experienced teacher and blacksmith who runs regular blacksmithing courses in Little Duck Forge at Eastney Pumping Station throughout the year. Copper Bashing for beginners Copper bowls and simple copper forms using fold forming techniques The day course will look at basic sheet metal skills including the new art of foldforming, traditional hollowing and planishing to make a simple bowl, we will then use...
Work together or compete to see who is the best blacksmith as you and your date enjoy a stress-free experience in the art of bespoke ironwork. You will enjoy a day full of laughter and fun, making it the perfect way to celebrate an anniversary or even to simply make lasting memories together. Whether it is personal keepsakes or something for your home, you will get to make your own custom artwork!
Greater London - Next course on 9th February 2019
Learn how to use and set up a basic kit for electroforming jewellery items. Electroforming deposits a layer of metal (in this case copper) onto items to create a full or partial coating. ***This is related, but different from electroplating - I do not teach electroplating*** This is a creative course where students learn the basics of planning and creating unique one off jewellery items using electroforming. We will be using the electroforming to partly...
Learn a new craft with a group of absolute beginners. Learn the art of embossing on pewter to produce a stunning cover for a notebook and a pen in this lustrous metal. You will be taught the basics of hand embossing on sheet pewter, as well as how to give it an aged look. You can enhance designs with coloured inks or embellish it with jewels. I will guide you through the process from the...
The day starts at 9 and you will be put on the fires to spend 10 minutes learning how hot it gets and how to hold the hammer. Then straight into forging a ram's head. This project has lots of different skills: twisting, punching, forge welding, scrolling. After this is made, we will do Leaf work and make a Bottle opener. Everyone that has been on one of my courses has walked away amazed by...
South Yorkshire
Design and create a Sterling Silver spoon, with contemporary silversmith Charlotte Tollyfield, and then have it hallmarked at The Sheffield Assay Office. Have a go at making an extra special keepsake, Christening present or Wedding gift. You will spend two days with Charlotte in her workshop in the heart of Sheffield, where you will learn the techniques of forging, forming and soldering whilst creating your own silver spoon to have hallmarked and take home. Charlotte...
Greater Manchester - Next course on 16th March 2019
Join Ella to create your own pewter vessel, ideal as a pen/brush pot or to hold a succulent, with a day packed full of pewtersmithing skills! Using Pewter, a lead free metal, and rolling mill which is a traditional metalwork tool Ella will guide you through adding pattern and texture to metal. We will experiment with found and foraged textures such as mesh, lace and feathers to create delicate decoration on the pewter before bashing...
Click through above to see our website and browse our full 2017 course programme. Learn to Strip & Build a Bike Day Each student will be provided with a bike work stand and set of tools and then will be shown how to remove all the components piece by piece. This day course covers: Gears, Brakes, Chains, Cable Replacement, Headsets, Bottom Brackets,Wheels and Hubs. It doesn't guarantee ruling out a trip to the bike shop...