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Great Britain has a very long history of blacksmithing and making useful or beautiful items from metal. Our museums display iron and bronze age jewellery, simple coins, swords, knives, armour and an abundance of farming and industrial implements. The craft of forging metal to make sturdy long-lasting implements has a rich history in these islands with so many natural resources. Metal can be heavy and strong for the resilient barricades or hefty locks and bolts of castles and prisons or feathery light and dainty for elegant jewellery and fine adornment. Metal is a material of infinite variety and you will find a metal craft course to suit your interests and skills here with our enthusiastic and skilled metal working tutors

The Star Wars one day class is a new one day event that is designed to allow Sci Fi fans to marry traditional blacksmithing and modern metalwork with a love of all their favourite iconic science fiction items/sculptures. We have found that there have been quite a few sculptures made on the standard 'Blacksmith Day' so now have a chance for like minded people to attend a class solely featuring futuristic sculptures made with ancient...
Have you always wanted to make and take home your own sword ? Well, here is your chance ! The aim of this course is to forge out your own sword in seven days. I will take you through the process of: Forging the blade to shape Grinding and shaping the blade Hardening and tempering the blade Sharpening and edge testing Fitting a cross guard, handle and pommel We will be making double-edged sword blades,...
Be a blacksmith for a day! Come and experience being a blacksmith in the traditional village forge in Much Hadham, Hertfordshire. Where? In the village smithy in Much Hadham, Hertfordshire. The forge dates from 1811, but is in a much older 16th century agricultural building. The forge has two hearths – one converted to use an electric blower and one which is still blown by hand-operated bellows. Who with? Your tutor will be the village...
During this day in a traditional village blacksmiths forge you will learn the basics of metalwork, and have a tour of projects in progress at the workshop. You will practice the techniques of forging metal into traditional forms such as points, curls and twists, and create your own poker, hooks, or similar project to take home. As this course is limited to two people, you can work together on one project or If you go...
This course can be booked up to a week in advance and is an introductory course on plaque making .You will have a finished product to take away with you at the end of the course. This is a three day course in making a sign from scratch. We start with making the pattern with a choice of fonts and styles in letter and numbers we will advise on the layout so that your plaque...
West Yorkshire
A foundation course in jewellery making giving you a thorough grounding in many processes used in the production of jewellery and the opportunity to develop personal skills in the use of hand tools. This short course will give you the confidence to develop your own ideas enabling you to create a piece of jewellery to take home. A full introductory course in 2 days - all day Saturday & Sunday 10am - 5pm. You will...
ANYONE CAN WELD! Welding is an invaluable skill for many repairs around the home, workshop or car, yet few people know how to weld, but anyone can do it. Spend the day in our fully equipped workshop and learn the correct way to Arc, Mig and Gas weld. One we've introduced you to the workshop and basic tools, you will start learning how to Arc Weld before going on to Gas and Mig. This is...
Shropshire - Next course on 16th November 2018
Wheel-wrighting three day course at Acton Scott Historic Working Farm. During this three day course (Friday to Sunday), for just four participants with some woodworking experience, you will be guided through the many processes required to make a traditional wheel. You will lathe turn an elm log into a hub before mortising it on the mortising machine. Then the oak spokes are cut out, shaped and fitted, the tangs cut, and the four felloes fitted....
East Yorkshire
In your workshop you will learn the techniques to manipulate the wire to complete a wading bird using galvanised chicken wire. Once completed, your work will last a lifetime inside or out and never rust.  Alternatively you can choose to make a wonderful wire work hare out of silver or copper wire.
Greater London
This course gives you an insight into the endless possibilities of sculpting with wax to create bronze castings. Working with locally sourced natural beeswax, you will be introduced to a variety of techniques, used across the world for thousands of years. The tutor will guide you through making whatever you wish, including jewellery, trinkets, household décor, figurative sculpture, ornamental animals etc. You will also be introduced to the technique of plaster work, allowing you to...