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Great Britain has a very long history of blacksmithing and making useful or beautiful items from metal. Our museums display iron and bronze age jewellery, simple coins, swords, knives, armour and an abundance of farming and industrial implements. The craft of forging metal to make sturdy long-lasting implements has a rich history in these islands with so many natural resources. Metal can be heavy and strong for the resilient barricades or hefty locks and bolts of castles and prisons or feathery light and dainty for elegant jewellery and fine adornment. Metal is a material of infinite variety and you will find a metal craft course to suit your interests and skills here with our enthusiastic and skilled metal working tutors

Fife - Next course on 20th November 2018
Making two silver pendants… Throwback to the 90’s friendship necklaces! Make a pendant for you and one for a friend in time for Christmas. These can be matching, contrasting or connecting for when you meet up. What can be cuter than that? Come along and learn how to saw, solder, form and texture, creating your own silver jewellery from scratch! In this workshop, you will design and create your own simple pendants from a piece...
Fife - Next course on 6th November 2018
Want to make a ring for a loved one, but kinda want to keep it yourself too? At this workshop you will make two matching rings, one for you, and one to give to that special someone - twinnys! This class is on special offer pre-holiday season, so grab a bargain while you can! Come along and learn how to saw, solder, form and texture your own silver ring from scratch! In this workshop, you...
Designed with sculptors and makers in mind, this two day course teaches the skill of making a silicone rubber mould from any object of your choice, whatever the shape. Those attending will learn how to make a high quality silicone faced piece mould with a supporting polymer gypsum strengthened plaster jacket, which will be suitable for the production of casts in: polyurethane resin, wax, plaster, epoxy resin, acrylic resin, cement, polymer clays, etc. Attendees will...
Devon - Next course on 16th February 2019
This course is great for beginners to learn some basic silver-working techniques, and you will go away with a solid silver bangle and a copper bangle that you have made! It is run by Fiona Cocks BA(Hons) who is has been teaching classes for over 10 years. She is enthusiastic and fun. The 3 hour session takes place in the workshops of Bigbury Mint, which is in Ermington, near Ivybridge, in the heart of the...
Fife - Next course on 18th November 2018
Come along and learn how to saw, solder, form and texture your own silver bangles from scratch! In this workshop you will use these techniques to create a set of 3 silver bangles held with a ring, before polishing these up ready to wear! No experience necessary.
Devon - Next course on 18th May 2019
Learn to make solid silver earrings using traditional techniques, held in a well- equipped metal-working workshop at Bigbury Mint in Ermington, South Devon. This is a three hour course and you will be taught forming, soldering, texturing and polishing and come away with a pair of finished silver earrings. Group bookings are welcome. For more information on the next workshops contact us above.
Worcestershire - Next course on 17th November 2018
Ever fancied designing and making your own silver ring? Perhaps creating one for yourself or as a gift for a friend? Then this is the workshop for you! Your tutor will guide you through the stages needed to make your design, giving demonstrations and advice throughout the session. Techniques covered will include saw-piercing, texturing, soldering, and polishing. You will have the opportunity to practice the techniques first with copper, before moving onto silver. By the...
West Midlands
A short course where you will get to make a selection of pretty hammered silver rings. You will get to hammer, form, file and solder silver to create a silver ring all in a morning! Giving you an introduction into all the hand making skills needed to get started in working with silver. Suitable for all abilities. Class is usually held on a Saturday morning 10:30am - 1:30pm in our workshop in the heart of...
This is a 10 week evening course running on Tuesdays 7-9pm suitable for beginners or those wishing to refresh or update their skills. The course is run in a well equipped studio and class sizes are restricted to a maximum of 5.
West Yorkshire
One day small wire bird sculpture workshop in Skelton Grange Environment Centre, Leeds. Chris Moss, who has exhibited her stunning wire sculptures across Yorkshire, will guide you to make your own small wire birds for indoors or the garden. Skelton Grange Environment Centre in Leeds offers a wide range of courses and events for people of all ages. The Conservation Volunteers at Skelton Grange in Leeds have long recognised that looking after green places isn't...