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Learning how to weld will change your life! Welding courses can cover a wide range of techniques and type of welding: Stick Welding, MIG Welding, TIG welding, gas welding/cutting and ARC welding. Whether you want to create art or fix a vehicle, you can learn how to weld - or simply improve your skills and experience - on one of these courses.

Here, at Allied Welding, we are pleased to offer an insight into the vast world of both Arc & MIG welding. Ideal for people who like the idea of being able to weld, but do not want to commit to a lengthy course over many hours and several sessions. With our teacher to student ratio of 1:5 we are able to cover a lot more material whilst providing you with more time with the teacher...
West Sussex - Next course on 21st July 2019
This two day course will introduce you to different methods and techniques used within the metal industry, and you will come away with a finished product at the end (ornamental garden flower, weather vane or a wall mounted coat rack). What will you be doing over the two days: • Hot forming of metal using the forge. • Cold forming of metal – folding, rolling, and shaping. • Welding – TIG, MIG and stick. •...
West Sussex - Next course on 26th October 2019
This is a one day intensive welding course where you can try out and practice all 3 welding processes with a variety of metals. For example Mild Steel and Stainless TIG Aluminium TIG, Copper and Brass Brazing TIG, Mild Steel and Stainless Stick, Mild steel and Stainless MIG This course is suitable for anyone wishing to try and discover welding for the first time, or for anyone who wants to update their welding knowledge by...
West Yorkshire
This course is run on a one to one basis or one to two if you would like to come with a friend. £250 for one person, special rate of £350 for two. The course is designed to give the beginner a good grounding in welding theory and practice, typical welding joints and application. Lots of practical training using mostly the MIG welding process, with Stick (arc) welding and Gas welding if there is time...
A one or two day course aimed at total beginners or experienced metalworkers. Priced at £250 for one to one work: add another £50 per extra group member, up to a maximum of six people. (note I only take groups who know each other). Price per per day of training Children are welcome, above the age of six. The course covers an introduction to Mig Welding (Mig welding; a commonly used industrial process for assembling...
WTF Workshops (facebook: Women Teaching Fabrication) is a pop-up workshop run by two female artisans with a broad range of skills an experience as freelance fabricators in the Arts industry. From Events, Theatre, TV and Film to Retail display. We offer one day, two day or three days at the WTF workshop. The first day will start with a health and safety induction, then you will be given a quick intro to metalworking and a...
Norfolk - Next course on 26th September 2019
Come a long to Fransham Forge and learn welding from a Master Craftsman! Prior to developing his career as a Master Blacksmith, Nigel was trained as a coded pipe welder and has previously worked on several big London buildings. His trade continues to involve the need for honed welding skills alongside forging. As an experienced tutor Nigel will guide you through the basics of welding. This course is designed to give the beginner the knowledge...
London - Next course on 19th August 2019
A four day introduction to working with sheet copper as a sculpture material using the techniques of beating and brazing. Taking advantage of the excellent metal working workshop at LSW this course will show you the possibilities of working sheet copper, a great material for making outdoor sculpture, water features and hanging mobiles. This course will cover: Day One Creating designs using paper templates for cutting sheet copper. Carving wooden moulds and formers to beat...
ANYONE CAN WELD! Welding is an invaluable skill for many repairs around the home, workshop or car, yet few people know how to weld, but anyone can do it. Spend the day in our fully equipped workshop and learn the correct way to Arc, Mig and Gas weld. One we've introduced you to the workshop and basic tools, you will start learning how to Arc Weld before going on to Gas and Mig. This is...
Norfolk - Next course on 27th September 2019
This one day course is designed for those with basic welding skills (or those who have attended our basic MIG welding course). This course gives the participant an understanding and opportunity to practice welding ferrous and non-ferrous materials by means of TIG and MIG and manual metal arc welding. This course may well suit artists and restorers who wish to obtain the ability to weld bronze, aluminium, cast iron, copper, stainless steel and carbon steel....

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