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Beekeeping courses

Beekeeping courses, classes and workshops taught across the UK. A healthy bee population is essential to human survival - we totally rely on them to pollinate our crops and keep the cycle of life going. You can learn from an apiarist or beekeeper and understand how to maintain bees to promote productive hives and plenty of honey. You can learn to keep beehives in farmed countryside, woodlands and urban back gardens (or rooftops!). Learn how to set up an apiary, identify different members of the hive, what equipment you'll need, beekeeping terminology, the life cycle of the bee, the bee calendar, bee diseases to watch out for and Queen-Rearing.

Ever fancied becoming a beekeeper? Perhaps you’re looking for the perfect gift for a loved one who has always wanted to learn beekeeping. Epping Forest Honey Co offer beekeeping courses for beginners in the Essex area that will provide you with enough beekeeping knowledge to look after your own colony of honey bees. What to expect from your beekeeping course: The introduction to beekeeping will begin in a local hall where budding beekeepers will learn...
Leicestershire - Next course on 7th September 2019
A half day experience for the bee fan who would like to know more. We start off with a short talk on some of the basic aspects of bee keeping; including the life cycle of bees, the jobs they do and an introduction to the equipment used. An opportunity to look inside a hive will follow as we suit up (bee suits provided) and head out to the apiary to carry out a hive inspection....
East Sussex - Next course on 6th July 2019
Would you like to know how to keep bees sustainably, on a small scale? Many people would like a colony of honeybees in their garden, and on this course I will show you how a hive works, and how to keep your bees happy and healthy with minimal intervention. Topics covered include: What type of hive Where to site your hive Overview of sustainable management Swarming Equipment needed Costs involved Plants for your bees There...
East Sussex - Next course on 13th July 2019
This is designed for people who have either attended the Introductory course and would like more information, or those who already keep bees and need to understand more advanced management techniques and methods, but within the ethical/sustainable framework This course is also aimed at those who have been keeping bees conventionally but would like to understand a more bee-centred approach. There will be an assumption that you are familiar with beekeeping principles and terminology, but...
Suitable for: Beginners, or just wanting to find out more about natural beekeeping.. Content: What is Natural Beekeeping Life cycle of a honey bee colony- Spring, summer, over-wintering Natural beehive choices and beekeeping equipment Where to position your beehive; setting up your beehive Sourcing bees- Nucleus, bait hive or swarm Putting the bees into your hive Expanding your beehive as the honey bee colony grow during the spring and summer Monitoring your bees behaviour at...
Shropshire - Next course on 29th June 2019
Basic beekeeping at Acton Scott Historic Working Farm. An informal but comprehensive introduction to beekeeping, including a brief history of the honeybee and similar insects, and their use in the garden and agriculture. Course participants will gain an understanding of the bee’s lifestyle, individual duties and contribution to the colony’s life and development. You will learn how to identify the queen, worker and male drone bee before selecting equipment and suitable locations for hives. General...
On the Bee Experience, a highly qualified beekeeper will give a short briefing and after checking that your beesuit is safely zipped up and supplying you with suitable gloves you will learn how to light the smoker and the importance of this vital piece of beekeeping equipment, you will then enter the apiary and meet the bees. An audience usually gathers inside the bee centre to watch through the viewing windows and listen to the...
Hertfordshire - Next course on 22nd June 2019
An introduction to beekeeping with Hannah Reeves, professional beekeeper, who manages the apiary at Tewin Orchard Nature Reserve. This one day workshop will give you an overview of the craft of beekeeping. The 5 hour course will begin by spending the morning in local pub the Rose and Crown, learning the basic theory of beekeeping, looking at the equipment and discussing the role of the beekeeper. After a delicious pub lunch, the afternoon will be...
Berkshire - Next course on 5th July 2019
Introduction to Bee Keeping is not just for those who may be considering taking up apiary as a hobby but has wider interest to those who want to understand more about the Bees. Lunch with wine is provided and it is a social environment located in a wild meadow field. There are no more than 8 on any course so you will get time to ask questions and for those who wish to, you can...
Lincolnshire - Next course on 10th August 2019
Whether you're new to beekeeping or want to tidy up your honey harvesting, making it more efficient and less messy, we'll show you how with our special Honey Harvesting At Home workshop, in response to your requests for help! Get an exclusive 'behind the scenes' look into our honey barn to see how we process several tonnes of honey each year, with an explanation of the function of the various pieces of equipment we use....

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