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Wildlife art and botanical illustration courses

Wildlife art and botanical illustration classes, courses and workshops across the UK. Learn the techniques of drawing and painting the natural world from experienced artists and botanical illustrators.

Oxfordshire - Next course on 20th July 2019
During the course, students will create an animal sculpture from recycled textiles & Powertex art products, suitable for outdoor display once dry. Students will be able to chose between a Highland Cattle, Sheep or Bison sculpture. We will cover a number of techniques including simple armature making, mixing air-drying clay, clay sculpting, wet dip textile sculpting, material selection, & mixing/dry brushing with pigments to add colour. The course is ideal for beginners, new to Powertex....
Berkshire - Next course on 5th October 2019
Spend a whole weekend painting with Louise Gunnersen BA Hons. PGCE specialising in teaching adults. Louise Gunnersen and international colourist painter with many solo exhibitions in the u.k. and abroad. See more of my work via the website link above. Held in my Donnington studio on the edge of Historical Newbury Market Town. I have many years’ experience of teaching art and get joy from seeing my student produces lovely results. These oil painting workshops...
Staffordshire - Next course on 29th June 2019
This workshop is perfect for beginner and amateur artists looking to gain skills in observational drawing whilst sketching and painting a live owl. Kara the Eagle owl and Pip the Barn owl will be our models for the day. Students will be shown a variety of drawing and watercolour painting techniques whilst learning all about these beautiful birds set in the lovely countryside. On this course Chloe will share her painting secrets and tips with...
Lincolnshire - Next course on 20th July 2019
You'll learn to paint from plants, flowers and seasonal garden subjects in a beautiful art studio in Lincoln with professional artist & illustrator, Laura Andrew. Relax and enjoy this nature-inspired course. Working from real botanical subjects, you’ll create beautiful artwork you’ll be proud of. Working at your own pace, Laura will help you achieve more out of pencils, ink and watercolour than you thought possible. You'll produce paintings and drawings of your chosen plants, flowers...
Warwickshire - Next course on 13th July 2019
Join Alix to learn how to carve and print your own linocut edition; and what's all this about using a spoon??? Held at a wonderful venue just outside Stratford-Upon-Avon this is a single colour linocut workshop. The day will run from 9.30am - 4.30pm (approx). You will create a hand-printed edition of either prints or greeting cards and learn techniques to take away to be able carry on your printing adventures at home; including learning...
Oxfordshire - Next course on 12th November 2019
Two day pet portrait course. Bring your own photograph to work from on this beginners pastel workshop, tips, techniques and advice. 1. Studying your subject and choosing the right colours 2. Transferring images on to your paper 3. Underpainting and values 4. Detailing eyes and other facial features 5. Skin/Fur/Feather detailing and how to achieve a realistic look 6. Finishing touches I’ll cover different types of pastels painting surfaces and other materials and accessories.
Lincolnshire - Next course on 18th July 2019
Watercolour and ink workshop Learning to paint florals loosely and expressively in this afternoon workshop held in the studio of artist Laura Andrew in central Lincoln. Please see my website for the timings of each workshop. Includes all the finest quality art materials and afternoon refreshments. You may be a beginner, or have done the day watercolour course Laura also offers.This workshop suits all as it’s all about painting freely and loosely with lots of...
Buckinghamshire - Next course on 19th August 2019
Not many things stir the traveller's imagination more than images of animals and birds from far flung lands. Learn to paint these animals so they are full of life, movement and intrigue. By looking at a few fundamentals we can learn how to tackle any animal or bird, however unusual their shape and colour, and capture that all important feeling of 'life'. This course will involve a mixture of structured exercises, demonstrations and plenty of...
North Yorkshire - Next course on 16th August 2019
Pastels create soft fur, velvety noses and expressive eyes in realistic or more vibrant, semi-figurative styles. Landscapes and flowers come to life. These workshops are small groups of up to 6. ​ In this 3 hour workshop you will: – experiment with different papers and pastels to find out which ones work for you – learn how to use the many different tools available to pastel artists – develop the skills of blocking in, layering...
Strathclyde - Next course on 13th July 2019
Eco Printing is the natural technique of printing by direct heat contact botanical material on cloth or paper. During this week end you will learn the basic and practise Eco printing on cellulose fibbers that is paper, cotton, linen and jute and protein fibbers that is Silk and Wool. We will use some local Scottish leaves for that purpose. We will add to the Eco Printing process some basic Natural dyes such as Onion Skins,...

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