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Digital art, painting & drawing courses

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Learn to create artworks using digital technology and find digital art workshops near you. Use your tablet, phone or computer to draw, paint and explore creative expression with talented tutors at workshops around the UK and online.

Berkshire - Next course on 16th February 2020
Colour theory workshop In a relaxing atmosphere, this therapeutic experience will teach you how to mix and use colour in your artwork. Suitable for all abilities. This is a practical course using two different paints. The intention is to come away with reference charts to help you remember various processes so that you can then expand within your own practice. The day will include the making of a theory chart with Gouache, understanding how important...
New dates! Please contact for one-to-one or small workshops at other times. The art of “Gyotaku” printing, a workshop on the art of Japanese fish printing led by Deborah Withey, award-winning designer, illustrator and printmaker of Cheese + Pickles Studio in lovely, St. Davids, Pembrokeshire. Participants have the opportunity to learn the traditional printing method of Gyotaku, (“gyo” meaning fish and “taku” meaning rubbing), which Japanese fishermen used to record their catch in the 1800s....
Online & Pembrokeshire
This textile surface pattern design workshop is led by award-winning illustrator, printmaker, and relief collage artist, Deborah Withey. It's a great workshop for those who may shy away from drawing but love to express their creativity in other ways. Want to know how to create those bold fabric designs you see in Ikea and John Lewis? The workshop combines both nature printing and the art of collage and is very hands-on and spontaneous! We'll talk...
North Yorkshire - Next course on 23rd November 2019
30 paintings in a day Play, experiment, explore ... Free up your painting and drawing working on lots of pieces. Try out different media. See what you like. See what happens. Enjoy different papers from Khadi Paper to Moulin du Roy Watercolour. All Materials provided. Play to create 30 paintings in a day! This is a one day course in historic York, UK with artist Lesley Birch. Class size is limited so please book early....
A fun half-day introduction to digital art, perfect for beginners and also suitable for the more advanced. Rebecca (B.A. Hons. of Fine Art 1994) is a commercial artist, specialising in drawings of animals, cityscapes - with the occasional human thrown in! Rebecca sells her original artwork and prints at home and abroad. It may be you have just bought a drawing tablet and don’t know what to do with it, or you’ve always liked the...
Birmingham - Next course on 27th July 2019
Come and learn how to create simple botanical images using watercolour paints, to develop fabulous flower and leaf paintings. It will be a fun and relaxing workshop and you do not need any prior experience. And even if you do not consider yourself as a great artist, you will be amazed at the wonderful images you can create by using a few watercolour paints and brush. Little Artisan Studio is hosting an introduction workshop which...
Suffolk - Next course on 2nd August 2019
Often thought of as the invention of Artists such as Monet, Renoir and Cezanne, the roots of Impressionism can be traced back to Constable, who first explored the practice of painting outside - en plein air - in an attempt to capture the true effects of light and atmosphere. This need to record quickly and spontaneously, gave birth to a new movement in painting, taking hold in France. This style of painting became know as...
Nottinghamshire - Next course on 29th July 2019
This course is an opportunity to engage with the latest concept art techniques practised throughout the game design industry, many of which are also techniques used in film and TV production. Through a series of practical workshops and critical seminars you'll explore both physical and digital art processes. The course is ideal for people with basic drawing skills who are interested in developing professional skills in concept art. It's also an excellent opportunity for illustrators...
Nottinghamshire - Next course on 9th November 2019
This course will teach you how to make well thought out, aesthetic collages through different creative exercises, using Adobe Creative Suite to manipulate analog designs and create disorienting juxtapositions. Working with printed materials, digital stock images, scanners and image editing software you’ll have the opportunity to explore your own creativity and will leave with a portfolio of digital images. There has been a recent rise in the use of digital collage, especially in the publishing...
This course is suitable for those of you who run your own business, or even a small arts charity, and need to market your services and/or products online. You will learn how to use different platforms effectively; create visual and written content and develop valuable online relationships with customers. The focus will be on persuading clients, and potential clients, to make a 'call to action' so that they are encouraged to book your services or...

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