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Art history courses

Lancashire - Next course on 17th March 2019
Introduction into Icon Painting. Let us journey together to discover secrets of this traditional artistic expression of theology and spirituality. Whether you are absolutely beginner or an advanced artist, this workshop offers an opportunity to learn and refine your techniques in this art form. The course focuses on the art of egg tempera painting. The coursework is divided into theoretical and practical part followed by individual steps; the tutor explains the principles and then demonstrates...
Greater London - Next course on 6th June 2019
Rubens, Caravaggio, Bernini, Velázquez and other leading seventeenth-century artists have long been associated with the Baroque, a term that refers to a kind of art characterised by complexity, drama, immediacy, sensuousness and strong emotions. Baroque artists worked alongside architects, urban planners and designers of palace interiors to create multimedia artworks that engaged all the senses. This course will examine some important examples of Baroque art, viewing them through the lens of the spaces and buildings...
Greater London - Next course on 26th February 2019
In order to ensure that you make the best possible progress on your course, you will have regular feedback from your tutor, in a constructive and supportive environment.
Greater London - Next course on 27th February 2019
This course will analyse in detail a selection of works of Byzantine art and architecture while also relating them to the social and artistic history of the Byzantine empire. The works will range widely across Byzantine material culture, using examples of architecture, monumental art, metalwork, ivories, icons and illuminated manuscripts. The material studied will be different from that used in previous courses with this title, and each of the five two-hour sessions will be self-contained....
An introductory course where you will use traditional painting techniques and materials to create a unique piece of art ready for displaying in your home or on your boat. Roses and Castles is the popular name for the traditional paintwork of narrowboats. Bunches of roses and medieval castles together with hand painted signwriting were used by the working Boatmen resulting in truly unique livery for their boats. This served to make them instantly recognisable as...
Greater London - Next course on 2nd May 2019
Studying in front of the actual works of art at Tate Britain, discover the history of British art from the Tudor period to the present day. From the hidden meanings in Elizabethan portraits, to the discovery of the English landscape, and on towards the effect of the Industrial Revolution on art, we will learn about the evolution of British art and its place in world culture. Fun and accessible, the course is suitable for anyone...
Greater London - Next course on 24th April 2019
Explore various contemporary art galleries and exhibition spaces, commercial galleries and museums. Each week you will visit a different exhibition exploring a variety of themes, ideas, artists and fine art practices – such as painting, sculpture, drawing, installation, photography and film. The focus of the course is to discuss the works on display in an informed way. Most sessions include short talks on the artist/ works and themes as well as facilitated group discussion. Although...
Greater London - Next course on 26th April 2019
Do you want to explore art and how artists and art movements link together, both past and present, and gain a deeper understanding of modern art? This is a class which will broaden your knowledge of art practices, collections, art criticism, techniques, ideas, materials and influences in both modern and historical art. A popular, friendly and welcoming class which provides an insider's view of the art world and background information on individual exhibitions and artists....
Greater London - Next course on 15th June 2019
Compare and contrast the exquisitely designed facades and interiors, carefully selected objects and works of art, and well-preserved gardens and estates of these two neo-Palladian houses in London. Discover how they reveal the aspirations, dreams and anxieties of 18th-century society. aspirations, dreams and anxieties of 18th-century society. By the end of the course you will be able to examine some of the relationships between architects and patrons describe at least five key characteristics of the...
Greater London - Next course on 23rd April 2019
Explore the history of architecture in London, from just after the Norman invasion in 1066, through to the Edwardian period, and discover the origin and evolution of the London look in architecture. Examine the rare surviving remains of medieval London, and understand the dramatic impact of the Great Fire of London in 1666 on the architectural style of the city. Look at the work of some great names in British and world architecture, including Inigo...