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Courses and workshops in keeping poultry (chickens, ducks, geese, quails and turkeys), pigs, goats, heavy horses and donkeys. Bees too! Learn the skills you need to care for and raise these animals properly. The course may cover skills such as foot care, feeding, breeding, rearing, ploughing, using a harness and cart (for the horses and donkeys).

Shropshire - Next course on 16th September 2018
Working with Donkeys at Acton Scott Historic Working Farm. Dusty, a rescued seaside donkey, joined the farm in 2002. He is a very useful working animal around the farm, pulling the tip cart and a range of light machinery for ground work – his small hooves can be a real advantage! During this half-day course with resident waggoner, Simon, you will learn how to care for a donkey and how to harness up and prepare...
Shropshire - Next course on 28th September 2018
Ploughing with Heavy Horses at Acton Scott Historic Working Farm. Learn the basics of ploughing, including how to harness a pair of heavy horses and prepare the plough for work in the field in this in-depth two day course (course runs Friday/Saturday). Through hands-on experience, you will develop an understanding of the basic settings for ploughing a field with two horses. Suitable for beginners, with a maximum of four participants per course. This course is...
Shropshire - Next course on 28th July 2018
Working with Heavy Horses at Acton Scott Historic Working Farm. Spend the day learning how to care for heavy horses and how to work with them. You will start by grooming one of Acton Scott’s heavy horses, understanding the importance of foot care, feeding regimes and general horse husbandry. You will then learn how to put the harness on Charlie or Joe before taking him out into the fields to begin driving a cart and...
Poultry Keeping - morning course with tutor Alex Logan at Acton Scott Historic Working Farm. This comprehensive, practical course is designed to show that keeping hens and ducks is not only pleasurable but also quite straightforward. All aspects of care, housing and breeding are covered including breed selection for eggs and/ or meat, feeding, common ailments and diseases, incubation and rearing chicks, hen keeping and the law. It was a visit to Acton Scott that...
North Yorkshire - Next course on 28th July 2018
Would you like to learn something a little bit different using our wonderful alpaca fleece? Come and meet the alpacas and learn all about them on our alpaca needle felt workshop ran by the amazing Carol Lonsdale where you will make your own felted alpaca to take home (not a real one!) Bring a packed lunch and your wellies and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Yarm, North Yorkshire.
This one day course is designed for you to discover whether alpacas are for you. We cover topics from how to choose the right alpacas for you, what routine care is required, what medications are commonly used, their nutritional needs, how to spot signs of ill-health, together with plenty of hands-on experience with these enchanting animals. To ensure that everyone gets the most out of our course the numbers are restricted to a maximum of...
This course is run within the UK's longest established quality meat goat herd based in Cockerham, Lancashire. We run from 9.15 am to 4 pm (unless a goat is mid kidding when we continue) and try to cover as much as possible in the day. You would need to bring wellies or boots, waterproofs and warm clothes as appropriate and we ask that none of these have been on another farm or have been well...
Shropshire - Next course on 22nd September 2018
Introduction to Keeping Pigs at Acton Scott Historic Working Farm. This one day course introduces participants to the processes and legislation that apply to Keeping pigs from eight weeks to slaughter. We will cover buying, housing and rearing weaner pigs including feeding and basic health checks. Participants will gain the knowledge and confidence to start keeping pigs for meat. Tutors: Noelle Wilson & Sue Bayliss Noelle has taught land based subjects in a variety of...
I have a Micro Teaching Certificate and I am a Hobby Show breeder of Mini Lops, Netherland Dwarf, larger rare breed rabbits and Guinea Pigs. I also keep Poultry to supply us with eggs and Bantams to rear chicks. If you are interested in keeping Donkeys, our Donkeys Joanne, Raquel and Coke can give you in hand experience on feeding, leading and foot care, rugging, Winter and Summer care; just say what aspects of the...
Essex - Next course on 28th October 2018
This workshop uses the techniques involved in human portraiture, but with a couple more thrown in. All people are built on the same lines, and only vary slightly from person to person. Pets, however, are made in all sizes and have many different shapes of face. The basic approach, then, is the same as for humans … but slightly more varied. If you’re looking to paint a pet portrait as opposed to just painting an...