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TV series seeks talented craftspeople

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Do you have a passion and talent for crafts? 

Ever dream of becoming a professional crafts person and creating masterpieces with your own hands?

TV Production Company RICOCHET is seeking talented and passionate craftspeople from across the UK to take part in a new TV series  entitled "The Crafts" (working title).

They are making a new television series that celebrates traditional and contemporary crafts for a major broadcaster. Each of the six episodes will feature a different craft with a rich heritage and modern appeal; Stonemasonry, Weaving, Glass blowing, Greenwood, Ceramics, Metal work and Cabinet making.

Ricochet are looking for the UK’s most talented amateur crafts people to hone their skills under the mentorship of some of the UK’s top crafts men and women - in an opportunity that could change their lives forever.

Three students will be chosen to train in each of the six crafts. This means a total of 18 participants are being sought now, to take part, from all across the UK. These lucky particpants will embark on a four week programme of training, designed to equip them for luanch into their chosen craft profession.

Richochet are looking for people who have a degree of demonstrable experience and passion, yet are still classed as amateurs.

If this is you or someone you know, please call the crafts team on 01273 224 837 or email to

Be quick, they are starting filming in early September 2013! 


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