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Top Tips for Running a Creative Business by Ruth Romano

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Three simple strategies to start building your creative business or develop your existing business.

About the Author: 

Ruth Romano runs successful soap and cosmetics courses in Cheshire and offers online and in person business coaching workshops for those looking to start a craft business. Here she shares valuable advice for craft entrepreneurs. See below for details of her workshops.

If you want to turn your passion into profit and turn your hobby into a business, you will need to wear two different hats. Your creative hat is a completely different hat from your business hat and sometimes you will need to wear both hats at once.

Although running a business is rewarding, it is a challenge and sometimes it’s difficult to know where to begin. Here are some simple strategies to start building your creative business or develop your existing business.

1. Formulate a Plan

First, you will need to plan what you want to achieve. It doesn’t need to be complicated. My favourite way to plan is with a pen and notepad and a hot drink. Keep it simple and specific. Decide on your overall goals. For example, you might want to grow your mailing list by 10%. Once you decide on some overall goals you can then figure out what you need to do to help you get there. If you have an idea of where you want to be you are much more likely to get there!

2. Create a Website

It goes without saying that you will need a website to create an online presence. Tell customers your story and provide them with valuable content. Don’t just create a website and let it sit there waiting for customers to find you. You will need to invest time in search engine optimisation (SEO) and promote your website both offline and online, such as registering with Get your SEO basics right first such as making sure every page of your website has a title and description. These simple steps can set you up for success from the outset. Then you can move onto more comprehensive SEO techniques.

3. Network with Like-Minds

One of the best ways for small business owners to boost their brands and network with like-minds is to participate in Twitter hours. Twitter hours are networking events that take place on Twitter on a specific day and time usually once a week. The hours are about supporting and promoting other users rather than just tweeting about your own products or services. You can find relevant twitter hours by doing a Google search. Try a few out and see which ones work best for you. Once you find one that works schedule it as a regular event in your calendar, so you don’t miss out.

In conclusion

When building your business keep in mind that you can’t possibly do everything at once so don’t even try. With a simple and consistent strategy, you will achieve results gradually. Take that first step, plan your move, get online and spread the word!

Ruth offers online coaching and runs successful business courses for entrepreneurial creatives. She is also a Platinum award winning tutor in her own right. Read what her students have to say here.