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Patchwork in the Sun

By Liza Jones* of Anglia Leisure Learning 

Twenty two women with great creative skills in sewing and textiles meet under the Southern Spanish sun. They work out how to promote their expertise, expand their skills and bring the joy of patchwork and quilting to a wider audience.

This is a meeting of Quilters del Sol – a group of women with true creative input who show just what can be done with the careful selection of fabrics and designs to produce original pieces of artwork, many as practical as they are attractive.

It seems that wherever there are British women who love sewing, there will be a ‘club’.  

From members who have been creating quilts for years to new comers such as Carol who as been doing cross stitch but has recently become a patchwork convert. She is in the early stages of investigating her skills, but has already produced two magnificent quilts – one from a jelly roll – bright colours with a background of white on white fabric, and one which is a delightful ‘quillow’ - a quilt that folds into a pillow for storage.

So for all those who thought they could not sew, or for others who felt that they would like to take up a hobby that has a positive output, here is the ideal group.

Quilters del Sol meet on the second Wednesday of each month (except August when it is just too hot even for the local ex pats to sew).  They run workshops, introducing external tutors, have their own projects such as a mystery quilt, and also incorporate the usual ‘show and tell’ session from which individual members can learn from one another. 

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