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Craft Courses at the Ideal Home Show Christmas

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Back in the beautiful summer we had last year (2013), Craft Courses was invited to take up several demonstration slots at the Ideal Home Show Christmas, at Earl’s Court in London. 

This was a wonderful opportunity; to visit the capital and to have Craft Courses seen by hundreds of thousands of people! 

We set to work thinking and many ideas were toyed with; lino print reindeer cards, crocheted baubles, giant Christmas stockings and frilly knicker Christmas tree angels... until we settled on two projects: the ultimate Christmas Candle and the reversible Christmas fabric bowl.

Because of the distances involved (we live and work on the farthest reaches of the coast of Pembrokeshire) we took up the offer of using a friend’s camper van, so that we could be “on-site” of Earl’s Court for the duration. 

The Ideal Home Show organising team gave us three demonstration slots, in the Christmas Theatre, right by the main entrance. After we’d set up early morning, we saw the hundreds of people waiting to get in! 

The stage was excellently compered by the glamourous Claire Sloane and the song ‘All I want for Christmas’ was the cue to get ready with our head sets and microphones - and take some deep breaths! Our Show consisted of an introduction to Craft Courses and then hands-on demonstrations of textile bowl and candle making.

We even included some essential Welsh language basics for the audience. Any guesses for what “gyrsiau crefft” means in Welsh? Craft Courses of course! 

After we'd completed all of our shows we were on a real high - plus it was finally time to do some shopping! It was a long weekend, but well worth it for all of the people we met and the experience of being on stage in front of hundreds of people.

We drove home to Wales feeling very content and full of plans for next year! 

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